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Ranger R7 LSA. Deland Aviation offers a diverse fleet of IFR aircraft available for Flight Training *** NEW HOURLY AIRCRAFT RATES *** Effective 1-13-2020 Flight Instruction Rate Aircraft Rental. Aircraft Rental. RATE: $95. For more information on rental requirements, contact the Nashua office. 00/hr. A wet rental rate means hourly rates for aircraft rental includes fuel. “Hobbs” means that you are billed for the plane only when the engine is running. 2625 to reach one of the best flight training schools serving Red River Valley and Polk County. We know you will find that our well-maintained aircraft are the finest of their type available. Whether you’d like to train locally, fly a technologically advanced aircraft, or get somewhere fast for business or pleasure, Capital City Aviation can help you meet your objective. From flight instructor training and flights to aircraft rentals, we provide competitive prices that gets you in the air without breaking the bank. We offer very competitive rates for Aircraft Rentals, Flight Instruction and Flight Training. Aircraft Sales Aircraft Parts About Us About Us. With 16 aircraft, one 1G-650W Touch Screen IFR C172 and one Garmin GNS430 Flight Simulator in our fleet, we're sure you'll find the one that best  Our Aircraft Rental is the most affordable and well maintained rental/training aircraft in the Interested in our Flying Club Program for more cost effective rates ? 1 Oct 2019 the many expected and unexpected costs associated with owning a small plane and how those costs compare to renting a similar aircraft. These are "wet" rates, meaning you don't have to pay additional for fuel. Aircraft Rental – Norwood, MA (KOWD) Aircraft available for rental from the East Coast Aero Club location at Norwood Memorial Airport in Norwood, MA (OWD). Here are the pros and cons of both types. Basic instruction is the core of our business, but we also offer advanced flight instruction, flight reviews, scenic flights, and aircraft rentals. Cessna 172R Skyhawk. Rental Rate: $130/hr *Rates effective  Please note the above "wet" rate aircraft rental charges are based on a base fuel cost of $1. We try to meet the needs of the pilot population by providing aircraft for your general use. VFR/IFR. 00 CESSNA C172, N6512H $135. We accept cash, check, and credit cards (Visa/MasterCard/Amex). Aircraft Rental Deer Park Air Center offers clean, well-maintained aircraft for rental and instruction. C172. 00. Whether you are a resident or a visitor to Hawaii we have an aircraft rental option for everyone. Genesis has a proven team of professional flight instructors and state of the art aircraft that will provide you with the highest level of service available. Type. The Robinson R44 is a very popular and capable helicopter well-suited to training and useful rental once your rating is achieved. Mike Goulian Aviation (MGAV) offers Cirrus aircraft for rent for qualified pilots who have been checked out by a MGAV instructor. Our large fleet of aircraft include Cessna 172's equipped with Garmin G1000's, Cessna 172's  6 Aug 2019 Aircraft (Solo rates per hour – wet). Nov 03, 2017 · Population density, local regulations and code, tax rates, and aircraft type are all factors in the equation. Our friend and associate Dr. AND if you refuel somewhere else, the Aero Club will refund you at the Aero Club's current fuel rate so don't lose your fuel receipts! Executive Flyers maintains a fleet of modern and classic Cessna aircraft. In addition to the hourly rental rates, there are a number of other factors that contribute to the overall price of chartering a private jet. Aircraft Rental Diverse Fleet to Fit Your Needs Whether you’re learning to fly, traveling for business, or planning a family vacation, our premier and vast rental fleet is destined to meet your needs. Aero Atlanta boasts the most modern and well-maintained aircraft rental fleet in the Atlanta area. b) Rates are WET rate (fuel included). provides aircraft for flight instruction and for personal use, backed by our over 35 for Rental Rates at KTME, call our office 281-574-6949   Twin Oaks Airpark has 13 aircraft available to rent. 00 $5. The following is a list of our current aircraft and rental rates: Robinson R44 Helicopter - $523/Hobbs hour (wet). Rental Aircraft – Dry Rates Aircraft / Instructor Rental Rates* Poplar Grove Airport has a fleet of rental aircraft to satisfy almost any private pilot’s needs. Rental Rate – $95/Hr. Minimum rental times: When an aircraft is scheduled for a period of time between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm, the member will be charged for one quarter of the time reserved up to a daily maximum of two hours. Are you already a certified pilot and looking to fly the skies above beautiful Austin, Texas? We have a fleet of highly reliable, well maintained and efficient aircraft to meet your rental needs. Aircraft Rental Rates. GALVIN FLYING AIRCRAFT RENTAL REQUIREMENTS » All Galvin Flying checkouts consist of a minimum of 1 hour of ground and 1 hour of dual flight instruction. Our aircraft fleet consists of the following Piper aircraft: Cherokee 140’s, Warriors, Archers, Arrows, a Dakota, and Super Cubs. PA28-140, 4361X *Available for rental at Central Iowa Air Service in Ames The aircraft rental rate includes the cost of fuel and insurance so there are no additional fees or hidden costs. SunWest Aviation offers rental rates that are competitive with any other location on the Central Coast, and the quality of our aircraft makes those prices even more of a bargain. Rates vary at airports. 427. Hourly - $145/hr *Pricing Above For Cash or Check Customers . d) Insurance rates  The largest and newest rental fleet of Cirrus Aircraft including the SR22T G6 and Rates Member rate $490/hr. (This is general information. 00 / Hour. Offering private pilot training , Maintenance, Aviation Servers, Aviation Photography, Aviation Instruction, Aircraft Sales and Rentals. Private Pilot – $50 per hour Please note that membership and ground school fees are non-refundable. We are the San Francisco Bay Area's Cirrus Aircraft Platinum Training Partner. Jan 01, 2020 · ***Our aircraft instruction and training programs are second to none. Private Jet Charter and Aircraft Management based in Boise and Seattle CESSNA 152 – N68810. For more information on rental requirements, contact the Norwood office. Cessna 172P, $168. With 16 aircraft, one 1G-650W Touch Screen IFR C172 and one Garmin GNS430 Flight Simulator in our fleet, we’re sure you’ll find the one that best fits your aviation needs. Cessna 172SP NAV I C-FORE, Rental Rate $180. Flight school policies are generally designed to protect the flight school. All of our Cessna 172's are available to qualified renters for hourly rentals. We offer a wide variety of airplanes including complex and high-performance aircraft from leading manufacturers like Cirrus, Cessna and Piper. 00 per hour (wet). NC sales tax for solo flights is 4. Citabria 7GCAA – N88424. Bring in your logbook to show our Chief Instructor. Aircraft Rental Well maintained aircraft at affordable rates. Much of this can be completed prior to arriving for your checkout flight. NC sales tax. C152. Need an aircraft for a few hours? A full day? Longer? We can help. This aircraft is equipped with a glass cockpit CAPS system autopilot and is a step up in cruising speed and performance. provides aircraft for flight instruction and for personal use, backed by our over 35 years of flight experience. Poplar Grove rental rates are based on hourly usage of the aircraft. Aircraft prices and instruction based on hourly rate. To reduce your rental rates, consider joining our Gold Flying Club (GFC). Aircraft Rental in Marathon on YP. 281. Certain minimums apply for full day or multi-day rentals. Equipped with Garmin Glass Panel Avionics such as the G1000 and G300, our fleet provides the greatest platform for learning and flying for fun in the challenging airspace of Southern California. Aircraft and Rates FlyOkAir LLC aircraft are meticulously maintained to minimize downtime so that our students can learn to fly with the confidence that the aircraft are some of the best maintained in the area. Cessna 172S NAV III C-FBII C-CGIA C-FOGI, Rental Rate  Trust the flight school that has been renting aircraft and training pilots since FDR was in office! Aircraft Rental. Aircraft rental is subject to availability. 00 Per Hobbs Hour (Fuel is included in the rental price) We try to keep our rates as low as possible, so we offer two payment options for your convenience and competitive pricing. 00 Bodily Injury and Property Damage, and $10,000. The Diamond DA-40 seats four people while cruising about 140 KTAS! It has a fixed tricycle landing gear and a T-tail. When you get your license, you can continue to fly your usual plane or upgrade to one that is faster and has more capabilities. Happy Flying!! Aircraft. All of our aircraft are IFR certified, and rates listed below include fuel. special spin training, training for Commercial or Instrument, etc. Your FBO's insurance protects their own interests. Peak Aviation Aircraft Rental Rates. Reduced Aircraft Rental Rates; Reduced Overnight Minimums; Discounted Pilot Supplies. Our aircraft are well equipped with Garmin and Avidyne avionics, are well maintained, and are easily scheduled for flights with our online scheduling system. We offer a variety of aircraft rental options ranging from glass-cockpit Cessna Skyhawks and Skylanes to a Cutlass and Aztec. Aircraft Member Rate Standard; Tecnam LSA- Analog/basic glass: 125: 139: Aircraft Rental – Nashua, NH (KASH) Aircraft available for rental from the East Coast Aero Club location at Boire Field in Nashua, NH (ASH). We offer training for many licenses and certificates administered by highly experienced instructors. Cessna 172M . Experience the joy of flying this safe, advanced, comfortable and fast aircraft! It is available for instruction and rental. 1969 Cessna 172-K - $127/ Hour. Should you need to purchase fuel from anyone other than AFA Flying Service, you will be reimbursed for the fuel up to an amount per gallon which, at the time of rental, is advised and will be written in rental agreement. Call 218. Cooking Lake Aviation provides the option of renting well maintained modern aircraft at competitive rental rates. 00 Per DAY; €42. 00 Aircraft Damage Liability. We also have 2 Cessna 172’s. The Robinson R44 is a  12 Aug 2019 Aircraft rentals and rates, additional aircrafts are available through our affiliate Aviator Flight Training. 00 Yes All In Aviation is proud to offer Cirrus aircraft equipped with glass panel, air conditioning, and CAPS parachute system. Rate: $152. We offer a variety of aviation related services from pilot training, aircraft maintenance, to rental cars and pilot supplies. Depending on the lesson content, if you also do an hour of ground, it may be able to count as a current BFR. There are no refunds on block or package accounts. Affordable Rentals Safe, Well-Maintained Rentals Convenient Online Scheduling Rental Club plan to save YOU money! OpenAirplane shutdown on December 29th, 2019. 4 Dec 2018 Aircraft. 2. Our professional flight instructors are rated in all airplanes and will help you find the airplane that is best suited for you (if you are new to flying). SNOHOMISH FLYING SERVICE is a proven industry leader offering FAA Approved Fixed Wing and Helicopter Flight Pay per engine hour. Cessna 172R, $175. multiengine training, and rental. www. Hub City Aviation has a fleet of aircraft to suit a broad array of training and leisure flying needs. Please use our Google Calendar available to check  Monarch Air renter checkout (to proficiency). C150. Rental Rate $ 179; Horsepower 200; TAS 145  This also is an ideal airplane for pilots seeking an Instrument Rating, while beginning students who prefer a larger aircraft often train in the trusty 'Hawk. Bellanca 7ECA (Citabria), $153. To reserve a plane online using our online aircraft scheduling system, or to register for an account to reserve our aircraft online in the future, click here. – includes the cost of fuel). Make the Most of Your Training. Aircraft are available for leisurely afternoon flights or even weekend excursions. If you want to visit friends or family, we also offer very reasonable overnight rentals of our aircraft. Airport Information Meet the Aviation Staff Write a Review Hours/Directions Stay Encore Flight Academy has a large and diverse fleet of aircraft rental that is unparalleled at Van Nuys Airport. All of our aircraft are IFR certified and equipped. Hub City Aviation renters enjoy fair rates Our modern aircraft training and rental fleet is carefully maintained to the highest standards of excellence. Rent an aircraft to take out for a local flight or a destination unknown. Block Rates. fliegen-usa. All hourly rates listed are wet (fuel  Rent an aircraft from Duluth Flying Club and complete your flight mission in style. We currently have two Evektor Sportstars (the #1 light sport trainer in America) available for instruction/rental. Please see below for a breakdown of our rental fleet. Rentals may be  Rent an affordable Cessna aircraft from Superior Flying Services and start calculations based on increased flight hours each year versus the rental costs for   1203 W 23rd St. AIRCRAFT RENTAL RATES FLY THE NEWEST AIRPLANES IN THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST. The showbird of the fleet. With over 30 aircraft, we have the right aircraft for your needs. 1. Visit now! Aircraft Checkout Required Prior to Aircraft Rental *Available for rental at Central Iowa Air Service in Ames Jan 01, 2019 · AIRCRAFT RENTAL . Thunderbird Aviation owns and maintains the largest fleet of aircraft for instruction and rental in the State of Minnesota. Schedule Master. ​. DuBois Aviation operates ten aircraft. St. To reduce your rental rates, consider joining our Frequent Flyer Program, ask our Customer Service Representatives how. Rent Cessna We have partnered with Avemco for the most affordable rates possible. To be eligible to rent one of Maine Instrument Flight’s aircraft, a rental check flight with a MIF instructor is required. VL3 Evolution. Model. Aircraft Renter's rates start at just $95 before any credits are applied. Rate : $159  passport or birth certificate. Call today to schedule a checkout in one of the aircraft Rental Aircraft Fleet. Our Great Lakes aerobatic biplanes are available for qualified pilots. Keeping it looking good, and safe to fly and enjoy. More experienced pilots can consider flying an SR22. aerotech, Aero-Tech Services ,  You can become a member by simply taking some flight instruction or renting an *Duluth Flying Club aircraft rental rates exclude the cost of fuel to provide the  Aircraft Rental Rates. Klaus-Jurgen Schwahn in Berlin, is available to answer all your questions about your flight training or aircraft rental, accommodation, TSA and VISA. Rate  The Flight School Inc. Purdue Aviation, LLC Aircraft Rental Agreement Renter Initials_____ and negligence), such as, but not limited to, loss of revenue or anticipated profits or other damage related to the renting of the Aircraft under this Rental Agreement. 0 hours on the plane (2. Hourly Rental Rates: Aircraft & Fuel: $219. Aircraft rental prices are wet rates incl. We have aircraft from Cessna, Diamond, Cirrus, and Grumman. The SFS maintenance division offers major and minor aircraft maintenance and repair services, with line operations providing aircraft detailing and fuel truck service from 9-5 daily and a 24/7 convenient Jet A and 100LL aviation fuel dispensing self-serve system. 5 hours between 5/1 and 10/1) for each day you have it (e. (Fuel and oil Included). Redbird MX2 – Motion Redbird FMX – Motion PFC G1000 AATD B737NG Training Device Flight Training and Aircraft Rental Rates R *INTRO R Fixed Wing Other Rate Block Rate Tax Private Ground Instruction $60. NOTE: rental rates are scheduled to be increased to $160. Fees. It is usually advisable to book your reservation in advance, to ensure that the  You are here: Home; Airplanes for rent. Concierge. 00 Cessna 172 (N9002E) $120. *Available at both locations. We have partnered with Avemco for the most affordable rates possible. 16) Renter acknowledges and agrees that if Renter defaults in the performance of any of his/her The FAA Certified Flight Instructor will begin the lesson by explaining the basics of aircraft design, the fundamentals of flight, safety, and pre-flight aircraft inspection. Please fill out  Choice Aviation has a variety of airplane rental options at its Cody FBO, Ennis- Big Sky FBO, and its Hamilton FBO. useful load. The price you see is the price you pay including fuel. As the only Cessna Pilot Center at Van Nuys Airport, Corsair Aviation offers some of the best technologically advanced aircraft in Los Angeles. AIRCRAFT RENTALS & RATES CableAir – School of Flight Additional aircraft are available through our affiliate “AVIATOR FLIGHT TRAINING” please call for more details Call: 909 254-6507. Fuel Surcharge may apply. The aircraft is powered by a fuel injected Rotax 912iS engine of 100 hp. Note: All renters (including soloing students) are required to have at least $10,000 of Renter’s Insurance on file with us prior to renting the aircraft. Posting airplane hangar ads is FREE, quick and easy. Featuring state-of-the-art avionics, superior safety, and unmatched comfort, our modern fleet includes: an air-conditioned Cirrus SR20, six (6) matching, interchangeable Cessna 172 Skyhawks, a Piper PA44-180 Seminole, a Cessna 182 Skylane, and more. Most aircraft owners expect you to fly on average about 1,5 to 2 hours per day during the rental period. 1999 Cessna 172 R - N159FS. FlyOkAir aircraft rental. Year. Summary of Rental Policies: Each Renter must be checked out by a MGAV instructor in the model of the aircraft he wishes to rent. Learn about CFI's learning and rental fleet. Below is a link to a login page which brings you to a customized menu where you can check … The aircraft rental process involves a checkout flight with one of our instructors, signing the Renter's Agreement, providing proof of rental or non-owned aircraft insurance, and completing the aircraft checkout sheet. Start flying today! Aircraft Rental Fly Legacy Aviation is proud to offer an assorted fleet of aircraft for your training, recreational flying, and travel needs. Rental price 144 €  Aircraft Rental and Training Rates. 1 Feb 2018 Aircraft, Speed (kts), Features, Rental Rate/Hr (wet). 00 Piper Archer (N229DM) $135. Aircraft Rental SpanaFlight has one of the best maintained fleets of rental and instruction aircraft in the area. All aircraft are available for rent after the specific checkout requirements have been met. For our pilots from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Our aircraft rental rates are priced wet. You are here: Make & Model, N#, Cruise, # of Seats, Hourly Rate. If you have more questions, please call (888) 241 7891 Aircraft Rental Make the Most of Your Training. The airplanes are well-maintained in accordance with Federal Aviation Administration and Department of Transportation standards by FAA certified mechanics. FIT Aviation has a fleet of over 40 professionally maintained aircraft with a variety of panel options ready to be rented. Instructors are $55 an hour for primary training in the Piper Warrior II. 00 Per WEEK  We offer exceptional rates on aircraft rental and instruction, as well as flexible training programs to meet your needs. Aircraft Rental in Oklahoma City on YP. At Gulf Coast Premier Aviation, we boast an impressive fleet of aircraft for use in our flight training programs as well as for rental. Instructor Rate (Flight & Ground): $ 49. Aircraft rental in Fort Myers, Florida is offered at Paragon Flight. Our mix of high quality aircraft at great rates is unmatched. » Approval required by the Director of Flight Operations or the Chief Flight Instructor prior to non-dual flights in theTwinStar. 00 / Hour Cessna 182 Rental* Cessna 182 Rental - Backcountry Ocala Aviation offers a fleet of Cessna 172 aircraft as well as other aircraft needed for various ratings, both multi-engine and complex endorsements. Rent an aircraft to take out for a spin. $189. An A22LS is a Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) and may be flown with a Sport Pilot… Aircraft. Cessna 152. Instrument Rating Required for Rental w/o an Instructor The largest and newest rental fleet of Cirrus Aircraft including the SR22T G6 and the SR20 G6. Piper Arrow (PA-28R-200) – $175/hr wet Cessna 172 – $135/hr wet ; Cessna 150 – $100/hr wet Liberty XL2 Instructor Fees. The usage is billed in 1/10th hour increments and is determined by the “Hobbs meter” (like a  For some pilots, renting is a more cost-effective option than buying. The cost to insure you while you fly a rented or borrowed aircraft will be based on multiple aspects, such as where you fly and the type of aircraft. You MUST become a member of the Aeroclub-Barcelona Sabadell in order to operate our aircraft at the following rates ::: €7. Cessna 152, 108, Garmin 500, $108. Our aircraft rental rates range from $125 per hour to $197 per hour. where to rent light sport aircraft (lsa) If you are looking into renting a Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) you need to check out one of the following vendors and please tell them “LightSport Man” told you about them. The HangarTrader site has airplane hangar for rent and for sale listings in most every state in the nation, and it is specially designed to be easy for you to search for hangars in different states, cities, or airports. 00 per hour. Should  21 May 2014 Hourly rates can also either be "wet" (the rate includes fuel: any amount you pay for fuel will be deducted from your rental fee when you return)  All aircraft rental rates above are per hour and include fuel and insurance. Below is the information for the pilot qualifications for rental  ​​​Lunken Flight Training Center offers aircraft rental around the clock. e. T Black Aviation recommends minimum coverage of $50,000. "Dry" rentals may or may not also require you to pay for oil or other consumables used. Maintenance Contact us for Maintenance Aircraft Parts Aircraft Sales Sales. We have new modern aircraft only with the best equipment in the cockpit. 24 hour) rentals; A fuel surcharge is added to all rentals. We have six Piper Cherokee's, one Cessna 150, one Mooney Mark-20B, one Piper Apache and a  160 hp; IFR Certified; Long Range Fuel Tanks (50 Gal Usable); 811 lbs. Interior Soundproofing Corrosion We are a local, family owned business offering Flight Training, specialized Emergency Manuever Training, Scenic Flights, Aerobatic Rides, meticulous Aircraft Maintenance, in a friendly hometown atmosphere, since 1987. Before rental is allowed, a checkout by one of the instructors is necessary. Imagine seeing the world from a whole new perspective. Member Rates  If you're renting an airplane, you should know the difference between wet rental and dry rental rates. As a reference, a Cessna 172 burns about $60/hour of fuel. Block rates are not for training flights. c) Landing fees and passenger taxes excluded. This hourly charge varies with the cost of fuel at the time of rental; when fuel prices go up it goes up, when fuel prices go down it goes down as well. PRICES. Aspen Flying Club unites a group of pilots and flight instructors with a large and diverse fleet of aircraft for flight training and recreational flying… all in a fun, friendly environment. Types, Equipment and Rates. The best maintained aircraft available for rental in the Midwest. Current members are able to rent aircraft through the Aero Club through Flight Schedule Pro. Rates and Pricing Spirit Aviation only offers the newest, cutting edge technology aircraft in its fleet. Completing flight school and earning your pilots  Flightline offers well-maintained and safe aircraft for rental. We do not charge a fuel surcharge on our Aircraft Rental. Discount rates available for block booking. Please be advised that increasing fuel prices may create an increase in rental rates or add fuel surcharges. When our aircraft are not being used for training, there are used for rental and some great  Aircraft Rental. Hourly rates can also either be "wet" (the rate includes fuel: any amount you pay for fuel will be deducted from your rental fee when you return) or "dry" (the rate includes the airplane only and you must pay for fuel). The SR20 is an ideal plane for most pilot training. Hub City Aviation renters enjoy fair rates and a liberal minimum use policy. Evektor SportStar, 90, Garmin 296, $117. Aircraft Rental Default sorting Sort by popularity Sort by average rating Sort by latest Sort by price: low to high Sort by price: high to low Cessna 172L (1968) The open sky awaits! Our Private Pilot Courses will give you all you need to get your license and start flying. It can be a lesson, a new aircraft checkout, a Class B tour, a cross-country, a night flight or IPC. Our large fleet of aircraft include Cessna 172’s equipped with Garmin G1000’s, Cessna 172’s with classic Nav II panels, and even a Cessna 152! We take great pride in our aircraft & have some of newest ones out there! 30 minute minimum rental on all aircraft; 3 hour minimum rental on all overnight (i. A check-out with one of our instructors with a  Rental rates are wet. Next time just grab the keys and the clipboard and go. Mar 01, 2020 · Instructor Rate: Flight & Ground : $60/Hour : N/A: Aircraft Rental Rates (AS OF MARCH 1, 2020) Cessna 152 Garmin Aera 500: $124/Hour: $119/hour for 10 hour Block Rate Are you protected when you rent or borrow an aircraft? The answer is probably NO! Most aircraft insurance policies are designed to protect the owner of the aircraft. , for a four day trip, the plane should have a minimum of eight hours of flight time). Whether you need one of our modern trainers, or a vintage “taildragger,” you can be assured you are renting a safe, well maintained aircraft. All rates are “wet” (includes the gasoline). To maintain currency the Pilot must meet the following requirements and any other FAA requirements for currency as a pilot in command: Home Charter About Us Fleet Safety Sales and Acquisitions Training Programs Discovery Flight International Students Pilot Shop Schedule Aircraft FAQ Contact Checkouts What We Offer Schedule Aircraft FAA Testing Financing Pilot Finance AOPA - Flight Training Finance Maintenance Our Shop Get a Quote Parts Order Form Sublet Request Form External The cost to rent a private jet varies from $2,000 – $10,000 per billable flight hour. de All rates are subject to change at management's sole discretion without written notice. To ensure the safety of pilots, their family and friends, and our aircraft, Above All Aviation  29 Dec 2019 OpenAirplane tried to make aviation more valuable. , Fremont, NE 68025 - Fremont Aviation - Gift certificates are available. Fuel surcharges will apply where  An 84 Gallon fuel capacity and cruise speed of 170KIAS, the SR-22 has a huge range and will get you to your destination quickly. Tail Number. Depending on experience, ground/flight may be longer. Our premium aircraft will make you proud to show up on the ramp. Aircraft Rental Rates Description Hourly Rate PIPER ARCHER II, N5705V $145. Once you complete our checkout you can rent that aircraft from either of our locations. Pilot resources, customer service and maintenance capabilities that aircraft owners and pilots expect. com. along the way here: Contact ground, point niner The best rental rates in Southern California! All of our aircraft maintain a high level of maintenance. Melbourne Flight Training features the finest aircraft rental fleet in Central Florida. Solo flight  You can affordably rent one of Sweet Aviation's proven aircraft to see the world from a A membership gets you discounts on hourly rental rates and more! A perfect balanced aircraft for long X-Countries with full autopilot, glass cockpit, new engine &… Additional Info. Rent aircraft for less, make lasting friendships, and share your aviation passion. Block money is not valid for the purchase of supplies or any other item other than aircraft rental. Coastal City Aviation is en process of obtaining new and exciting aircraft for high quality aircraft rental and flight instruction including Cirrus SR Perspective Series Aircraft. Below are the aircraft we have available for rental and the rate due for rental. Block rates are available. 00 AIRCRAFT RENTAL AND INSTRUCTION RATES Type Model/Description GPS Rate Retail Rate Cessna 152 C152II $124 $136 Conventional Instrumentation Cessna 172 C172SP $179 $196 Models equipped w/ KLN-94 IFR GPS, Garmin G1000, or GTN 650/750 Cessna 182 T182T $248 $272 Garmin G1000 w/Synthetic Vision, GFC-700, Active traffic, WAAS Join Desert Flying Club - Las Vegas' premier pilot community. Rental Price: $175/hr. Dual Rate: $55/hr . or fuel surcharge fees, and all of our rates are “wet rates” meaning that fuel is included in the rental price. G. Cessna 182 Rental – Backcountry. Rates per hour engine running time (Hobbs Meter). 00 Cessna 172 $115. Cessna 152 - $99. 00 Piper Warrior $115. We made renting an airplane as easy as renting a car. Cessna 172 Maine Instrument Flight has a diverse fleet of Beechcraft aircraft available for your rental needs. EQUIPMENT :  Of course, there are popular routes and the cost of an aircraft rental could change slightly due to changes in the number of passengers or a route correction. Recall that in business, time is absolutely money and an executive will trade thousands more per month to get to his aircraft in 20 minutes rather than At Executive Flight Center we have simplified aircraft renting; no monthly dues, no application fees, no prepayment requirements,no complex discount structures for block time or "members". We are confident you will find our well-maintained aircraft to be the finest of their type available. Westwind requires a standard checkout to ensure the safety of both you and your passengers. Arlington Flight Services is located at KAWO Arlington Municipal airport in the heart of Arlington, WA. Aircraft Rental Rates T&G Flying Club is the largest flight school around and takes advantage of economies of scale and low overhead to give the most cost-effective training possible. We offer EPIC Aviation Fuel who specializes in innovative customer solutions and industry leading fuel quality assurance programs. Dream Flight School offers airplane flight instruction, discovery flights, aircraft rentals, and sightseeing tours at Carroll County Airport in Westminster, MD. This is a six cylinder 200hp composite aircraft. Low Rental Rates. FIT Aviation boasts a fleet of over 40 user-friendly aircraft. Aircraft Rental Rates as of 01/15/2020. **All rates are wet. These hourly rates include a broad selection of aircraft from turboprops to finest executive jets in the skies. Rent our aircraft! Here at Midwest Corporate Air, Inc. Below you will find rates and options based on your specific needs. Cessna 182 Rental*. D. All hourly rates listed are wet (fuel included) and do not include instructor fees (below). 00 per hour on January 1st, 2020 due to increases in fuel, insurance etc. 1888. 21 Sep 2007 $110 for aircraft rental and $48 per hour for instructions If anything, $110 for a wet rate newer model 4 seat Cessna/Piper might even be  the number of aircraft available if more than one - the hourly rate, with one of the following suffixes: dt=dry tach, dh=dry Hobbs, wt=wet tach, wh=wet Hobbs  Every pilot dreams of taking a plane on a fun cross country trip. Aircraft Rental Rates PIPER Tomahawk (PA-38) - $110 hourly * When the original Piper Aircraft Corporation first conceived a new trainer in the mid-1970s, the company polled CFIs to determine what traits this airplane should have. Instructors are $45 for primary training in aircraft except for the Cirrus. Enjoy discounted rates on all of our services after paying a one time fee of  Rentals. Whether you have always dreamed of learning how to fly and you are finally ready to take the leap, or if you are hoping to one day make a career of it, we have the perfect training program for you! G4K Aviation began operations in 2015 at San Geronimo Airpark just west of San Antonio, TX, near Castroville, TX and Hondo, TX. You pick up your plane fueled – no fuel charges, or surcharges. Here is a list of current companies and their contact information. Leighnor Aircraft Rental Fleet N270L Aeroprakt A22LS Aeroprakt A22LS N270L Description Performance Documents Rate Information Description N270L is a 2016 Aeroprakt A22LS, serial number 270. We have the largest fleet of aircraft available in Colorado Springs!! We strive to provide you with the best rental rates,  Our aircraft rental rates range from $125 per hour to $197 per hour. Our aircraft rental rates are “wet” or include fuel. These standards help to ensure that you will feel comfortable and confident with the equipment and the environment in which you will be flying. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best Aircraft-Charter, Rental & Leasing in Marathon, FL. Several Aircraft Rental Companies operate at the Lancaster Airport. ) AATD Flight Simulator; Location: Burke Lakefront: Name: AATD: Type: Precision Flight Controls: Equipment: FAA Certified Level IV, Certified for Instrument & Recurring Training, Analog Gauge Panel, Garmin 430 Receive 10% off Instructor rates and select aircraft with Sawyer Aviation “Pre-Pay” discounts 1. 00 Cessna 172S $139. Produced in 1975 with a 100% restoration in 2012, this aircraft handles the advanced flight training for Walter Aviation. * = This fee is charged ANYTIME an aircraft is flown and Pilotsmith does not collect rental revenue from the aircraft, regardless of whether the aircraft is on leaseback or personally owned. Calculating Rates for Flight School Rental Aircraft – This spreadsheet is a tool created for aircraft rental and flight training operators to calculate the required rental rate to be charged to customers in order to generate a break even and profitable pricing structure. *A credit account with a minimum $500 balance must be maintained with OpenAir Flight Training to receive this price. We also rent aircraft to allow you to take full advantage of your license and time in the air. * All aircraft rental rates  This price includes the average airplane rental cost and the typical cost of a flight instructor of $45 per hour. At Scottsdale Executive Flight Training we have a large selection of aircraft rentals to suit your needs including Cirrus, Cessna, and Piper aircraft. Block rate discounts are also available, with a 5% discount with the purchase of pre-paid time blocks. The Cirrus aircraft can take you and your family on day trips, etc. What goes into the cost of aircraft rental? There's an age old joke in aviation that goes something like "What makes an airplane fly?" "Money! Calculating pricing for aircraft rental and flight training operations is an important skill for a business to conduct. 75% based on Block Rates, if applicable. Performance Flight features Cirrus airplanes chosen for their proven performance, safety, reliability, and comfort. If you have an aircraft in need of maintenance, inspection or repair, our maintenance facility is here to serve your aircraft. you can rent our Damond DA42, Diamond DA40, Cessna 310 or Diamond DA20. Just the lowest possible hourly price on each aircraft. If your goals include climbing the ratings ladder, we have the right equipment for you. After the ground portion is complete, the student and instructor will board the aircraft and take to the sky. CFI Rates: Line CFI's: $75/hr. Reasonable daily and weekend minimums apply. Several flight schools base their aircraft rental rates around the current fuel price. Aircraft Rental Rates; Page 1 / 1. Learn more about rental, check-flight, and leasing your own plane. Fuel purchased at other airports  Our straightforward aircraft rental rates are set to industry standards. Flight School & Aircraft Rental. After a local or cross country checkout with one of our instructors, enjoy some of the most exciting flying in the world at reasonable rates. Classic Aviation is proud to offer a diverse fleet of rental aircraft for our customers training, travel, and recreational flying needs. Specific checkout requirements vary depending on certification and experience. Jetstream Aviation. All rates are subject to change. Aircraft Rental and Training Rates PA-28-181 Piper Archer Rental* $164. Zoom 100%. Flight School & Aircraft Rental Hoosier Aviation offers flight training for a variety of different pilot certificates and ratings. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best Aircraft-Charter, Rental & Leasing in Oklahoma City, OK. Aircraft Rentals Rentals. Aviatorstein LLC is dedicated to offer well maintained newer aircraft for rental. Pete Air’s Aircraft Rental Fleet Our primary flight training fleet includes Cessna 172 standard and G1000 models, with Fleet Overview. Click on the aircraft registration numbers to see pictures and specifications of each aircraft! These are “wet” rates and include fuel and oil. Tecnam LSA- Analog/basic glass, 125, 139. What sets us apart is the relentless pursuit by our associates of safety and customer service. The aircraft are impeccably maintained to the highest maintenance standards, and there are a wide variety of aircraft to choose from. 00 per hour (Hobbs) for 10H and 01G. All of our aircraft are ads-b in equipped with Garmin GDL 39 3d’s & iPads. Rental Rate: $130/hr *Rates effective 07/01/2019. Home of the Personal Limitation  Aircraft Rental Rates. For more information about club membership, ask any Aero Atlanta  Safety is our priority and all of our aircraft are maintained to the highest level of industry standards. $55. Rental Fleet Rental Rates Schedule a Rental Tom Wood Flying Club Schedule Flight Maintenance Aircraft Maintenance. Flight instruction is $45 per hour for both primary and advanced instruction. Please contact us for a full list of services and rates. About Us. Redbird SD Simulator . Instruction flights are tax free. As a Cirrus Platinum Training Center, All In Aviation trains pilots in some of the safest and most sophisticated aircraft in the world. Cessna 172: $140/hour including fuel + tax  Certificated pilots are welcome to rent our aircraft for their personal use. We make it easy to find, book, fly, and pay for aircraft rental right here on your desktop, tablet, or smartphone. Whenever the urge hits, rent one of our planes! We offer aircraft for rental to qualified/ experienced pilots. We shared more of our story and a bit about what we learned. Cessna 172S, $175. Purdue Aviation has one of the largest rental fleets in the state of Indiana. 125HP VFR (G) (Electronic flight instruments). Anthelion Helicopters - Rental $335 per hour – Wet. With aircraft based at two locations, we have the right aircraft for your needs. Requirements See Aircraft  Aircraft/Airplane rental at St. The flight center offers a variety of new and late model airplanes for rental. All aircraft rates are wet (includes fuel) unless otherwise noted. The Flight School Inc. At this time, the hourly rental cost is $150. Executive Flyers maintains a fleet of modern and classic Cessna aircraft. Rental Rates · Aircraft Details. AIRCRAFT RENTAL St Pete Air is a full service aircraft rental company dedicated to providing the best aircraft at the best price in our industry. Pilots can rent any of our aircraft, even for multi-day itineraries. Rental rates subject to change. Personal rental insurance is not required but highly recommended There is a 3 hour overnight minimum charge each night an aircraft is rented; Renters will be canceled if aircraft is needed to complete a check ride or training flight “Wet” means gas and oil are included in the hourly rates. Our goal is to have a good variety to meet the needs of all of our customers. The Ohio State University Airport (Don Scott Field) is here for all of your passenger, aircraft, and crew needs. Please inquire about our aircraft block rental rates. Important rental notes. 00 per hour Wet. No Headset Rental $5. We currently have Piper Warrior, Archer and Arrow aircraft for rent! All instruction (ground and flight) is billed at $45 per hour. Fuel is a significant cost of aircraft operation and is hidden by listing a "dry" rate. 2009 Diamond DA20 - $145/ Hour. Hourly Rate. EQUIPMENT. Each fixed based operator or flight school will have a different policy, but at some FBOs, a wet rental rate means that the line service staff will ensure the fuel tanks are filled up with exactly the amount of fuel requested by the pilot. Victory Lane Aviation offers aircraft rental, flight instruction, and updated avionics for all of your flying needs! All of our aircraft are IFR certified, and rates listed below include fuel. Destin Flight Works offers affordable rates in the Emerald Coast to accommodate your flying needs. All rates are “wet”, including fuel and oil. 00 We have the largest fleet of aircraft available in Colorado Springs!! We strive to provide you with the best rental rates in Colorado Springs. We can help you today. quality aircraft rental and flight instruction including Cirrus SR Perspective Series Aircraft . Many of the Hub City Aviation aircraft have been refurbished with leather interiors and fresh paint. Block rate $480/hr. You could be liable for tens of thousands of dollars to repair or replace their arplane. Alliance Flight Training offers a diverse fleet of airplanes for rent. Click through the tabs to learn more about our fleet. Learn to Fly! Class Bravo Air is a Part 61 school moments from Nashville, that allows you to learn at your own pace. Block rates are dry rates, excl. Call for Instructor & Aircraft Rental Rates (9  73) 728-1143  Call for Updated Rental Rates (973) 728-1143. You’ll receive a first-class rental experience, every time. 00 Aircraft & Fuel w/Instructor: $264. For details on the requirements for a checkout, please call us at (253) 848-2020. Prices above effective 1/1/2016 * Advanced Instruction is any dual given that is above/beyond what would be needed for getting a Private Pilot Certificate (E. And if you plan to fly frequently, ask us about our Monthly Membership Program for discounts on hourly rates and priority booking. For more information about aircraft rental in Sacramento, call 916. Aircraft, Member Rate, Standard. Sport Pilot Chicago specializes in flight instruction and the rental of Light Sport aircraft and we are dedicated to the Light Sport Initiative. Ing. *All rates are listed 'wet' and no surcharges apply. Lycoming O-235 110HP Carbureted Engine; Moving Map GPS; IFR Equipped; 2 Passenger Aircraft; Fuel Capacity – 24 US. Please inquire about cross-country rates. Call now 305-232-6009 FAA Pilot Training Center Peak Aviation Aircraft Rental Rates: We have the largest fleet of aircraft available in Colorado Springs!! We strive to provide you with the best rental rates, so instead of you having to search around to find our competitors rates, we've done that for you! Jan 24, 2019 · A "wet" rental rate refers to the cost of aircraft rental plus the cost of fuel and oil used during the flight. We take great pride in our fleet for our students and renter use. Give us a call for rates on the most common requested services. To qualify for the pre-payment discount on individual pilot accounts, a minimum balance of $5,000 must be placed on account and then maintained at or above $500, thereafter by replenishing in $1,000 (minimum) increments. Below are additional check-out requirements for each type aircraft: CESSNA 150 -  Aircraft Rental Rates Outlined Below. Hourly Club Aircraft Rental Rates (Includes Fuel*) Rental prices differ from one aircraft owner to another, but the below table should give you a good indication of what you can expect. 00 Piper Archer (N4142Q) $139. Our flight training school offers everything from ground school to a flying club, fulfilling the needs of most every pilot. Spirit is one of the first flight schools in the country to add the brand new Cessna SkyCatcher the fleet. For cross country trips, you need to put an average of 2. Our mission is to provide quality, safe, and friendly training. Hourly Club Aircraft Rental Rates (Includes Fuel*) Fleet Rates. PA-28-181 Piper Archer Rental*, $164. Rent aircraft for birthdays and anniversaries. Airplane. Rent an aircraft from Duluth Flying Club and complete your flight mission in style. Aircraft rental rates are quoted as “wet” (i. A 4-seat, single engine airplane, the SR20 contains some of the most advanced technology available. Fuel prices will frequently flucuate during your training, and you will immediately pay the difference (This difference can be up to $15/hour). Avemco can insure you instantly online or with just one phone call to (888) 241-7891 Avra Valley Flyers is a company devoted to providing the best IFR certified rental aircraft at affordable rates. Our aircraft are available for rental with a short checkout ride with one of our qualified flight instructors. For others, owning an aircraft  Fleet Rates. Fuel included at Eros Airport price. The owner has done a fantastic job of building not just an aircraft rental service, but a community of local pilots who all share a passion for aviation. ATD offers a variety of aircraft for recreational renting and flight training. C172- N733NK. The sky is the limit when you choose Genesis Aero for your flight training and aircraft rental needs. This is inclusive of fuel and oil. 00 Pip Notice: In order to provide the safest and most comfortable experience possible, Proof of Renters Insurance is required at time of rental. Rental & Instruction Rates Aircraft Type Cost/Hr Cessna 152 $89. Our fleet of aircraft undergo multiple inspections throughout the year to help ensure  Journeys Aviation has a modern fleet of rental and instruction aircraft at For the latest aircraft hourly rates, please call (303) 449-4210 or email us HERE. Aircraft Rental Rates Not every pilot is interested in the cost and responsibility of aircraft ownership. 00 Piper Archer (N6205J & N8262S) $125. Aircraft available for rental from the East Coast Aero Club location at Norwood Memorial Airport in Norwood, MA (OWD). Any business that cannot accurately calculate its  Just look below to see which you would like to fly. Call us at (503) 678-2252 if you have any questions. Air Associates of Kansas is a full service FBO. Renter Pilots Should Bring: A Valid Photo I. All renters must satisfactorily complete an initial check ride with an Anthelion Helicopters approved Check Pilot prior to rental. . Most importantly, we deliver a well-maintained, safe, clean aircraft. We offer various types of aircraft to allow our students to select the particular type of aircraft that they find most comfortable. All pilots interested in renting one of our aircraft will need to go through a checkout with one of our instructors. Petersburg-Clearwater Intl Airport (KPIE). Not yours. Aircraft rates and photos listed below: We have a select, varied fleet of aircraft at Willamette Aviation — a collection of airplanes that offers everything from a twin-engine Piper to basic two-seat trainers. 25 per liter at Boundary Bay Airport. Rental costs may vary wildly even between airports only separated by a few miles. Flight Instruction and Rental. Our Fleet Our fleet consists of 7 Cessna 172P models, 7 Cessna 172R models, 5 Cessna 172S, 1 Cessna 182T, 2 Piper Seminole, 1 Taildragger 7ECA and 172SP G1000. engine oil. Our Cessna 172 is available for  All our aircraft will be "wet" rental rates unless a special contract specifies differently. First delivered in 1977 as the 1978 model year, the 152 was a modernization of the proven Cessna 150 design. g. Even if the policy lists you as a pilot, the insurance company could pay a claim for the owner and then At Deland Aviation, our most important product is safety. All prices are wet rates including fuel and oil. aircraft rental rates

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