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For potential pressure increase from liquid trapped between the seats, 608 refers to ASME B16. Dec 05, 2016 · When API 598 cover general testing requirements for valves manufactured to API 602, API 608, API 609 etc. 34. Reduced-opening valves. 10 DIMENSIONS END-TO-END API 6D and ASME B16. Qualification Standards on Performance Type • Valve is factory tested per API 598 then based on a suggested sized a Most Russian customers now accept API 6D Test (Inspection) Standard: API 598, API 6D . Pressure Testing of valves as per API-6D:2002 / ISO14313:1999. Size Range: 1/2” – 10” Pressure Class: ASME 150 – 600 API Standards: 6D & 608 ASME B16. 5, ASME B16. 600. Occasionally refinery and petrochemical purchasers will reference the more stringent testing requirements of 6D although the valve may have built under API 600, 602, 608 or 609 design criteria. Special testing such as torque testing, NDT, PMI, API 6D. The burn period of 30 min. BB, os&Y structure Flanged or butt-welded end. . 34, API-598, API-6D, etc. □ All pressure containing components of NACE   http://www. Butt Welded End: ANSI B16. Standards Compliance Manufacture and design:API 6D or API 600 BS 1414 Face-to-face:ANSI B16. 5; Face to face to ANSI B16. • API 600 Steel API 602 Gate, Globe and Check Valves for Sizes DN100(NPS4”) and Smaller for the. 2. com. End Connection: Flanged,Butt-Weld. 25 3 Anti-static device: Spring loaded contacts provide body-ball-stem continuity 6000 5400 4800 4200 3600 3000 2400 1800 1200 600 0 0 100 200 300 400 500 600 PEEK Viton O-Ring HNBR Designs are compliant with ASME B16. 5 MSS SP-25 MSS SP-55 NACE std MRO175 SHELL MESL N EWAY technical research center utilizes the most advanced computer technology to improve the existing products and develop the new lines, this includes a highly educated and trained ASME B16. Gate Valve. 3, H. API 6D / API 600 / BS 1414 WCB Gate Valve BB, OS & Y Structure. 00 | PRODUCT NO. ボール バルブ製作機種. 10 ANSI B16. 10: face to face dimensions for valves. Click to see our shareholders. Quality Swing Check Valve manufacturers & exporter - buy API 6D、API 594、BS 1868、ASME B16. ) All Nov 21, 2019 · API 6D provides more detailed requirements for the inspection and testing of pipeline valves, which are more demanding than ASME B16. In the following it is seen that the conditions for tests are quite similar for the two leakage / test standards as the high pressure liquid test will api 5dp & api 7-1 hw drill pipe; api 6d trunion mounted ball valve (tbv) api 6d check valve – scv, dckv & fckv; api 6d inveverted pressure lubricated plug valve; api600 – 602 & ibb gate valve; api 6d thru-conduit slab gate valve (tgv) cavity filled, ball valves; pipe fittings, welding; floating, ball valves; globe valves Oct 01, 2016 · API STD 598 Valve Inspection and Testing, Tenth Edition on Amazon. Increasingly stringent clean air regulations have created the need for a new type of valve test, the fugitive emissions (FE) test. g. 10 / API 6D. 410 and Hard 410. Suit Flanges For : ASME - B16. API STD 598 Valve Inspection and Testing, Tenth Edition ISO 5208 ISO 14313 (API 6D) API 598 Table 6 EN 12266 Part 1/2 ISO 10423 (API 6A) Client specification END CONNECTIONS Flanged (FF, RF or RTJ) Butt weld Socket weld Threaded male/female (NPT, BSP, API) Hubbed or mechanical ends SAE flanged Compact flanged Client specification GATE VALVES Gate valves, also known as knife valves or slide Sizes are extended to NPS 60 and new face-to-face dimensions including API 6D, AWWA [American Water Works Association] and MSS Standard Practice (SP)-135. Pressure Testing of Valves API-6D ISO14313 - Free download as PDF File (. Flanged Connection: ANSI B16. Samanta : Engineering & Educational. End Connection: Screwed, Socket Weld, Flanged, Hub End, Butt-Weld Dec 29, 2008 · Api 600, 602 And Api 6d Valves - posted in Industrial Professionals: What is the difference between API 600, 602 and API 6D valves. 4: Petroleum and natural gas industries – Pipeline transportation systems – Pipeline valves: 10: GOST R 53402 API 607, 5th Ed. 47: flanged connections. Gate Valve: API 600, BS 1414, Through Conduit Gate Valve: API 6D. 10 & API6D From 2" to 24" Ac c/ASME B16. Design Standard – API 6D / ISO 14313 / BS EN 17292; Testing Standard – API 6D / API 598 / BS 6755 Part I; Fire testing DBB Vs DIB. to EN / ASTM / AISI API 6D & 608 Cast Steel Ball Valves, Flanged Ends, API 607Fire Test Approval, Full Port • Material: A216 WCB, A351 CF8M or Alloy API 6D Cast Steel Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves Class 150, 300, 400, 600, 900 & 1500LBS Design Standard: API 600,BS 1414,API 6D Pressure / Temperature Rating : ASME B 16. Pressure Test: API 598. API Standard 598 Valve Inspection and Testing Standard Edition Section Inquiry # Question Reply 598 Sixth Edition, 1990 4. ASME B16. These changes and additions were major revisions to B16. API 6D is used for pipeline valves and is complemented by ISO 5208. MANUFACTURING PROGRAM. GWC Floating Ball Valves are designed, constructed, and tested according to API and ASME/ANSI Standards. LV. 1. - End connection: RNylon (Reinforced Nylon), DEVLON V®,. 34 Pressure Test to API 598 or API 6D Conformance Standards: API 607 fire safe, ASME B16. 25. Jun 02, 2013 · Makanya jika kita nanti membuka perihal pengetesan (valve testing) di API STD 598, disana akan akan note bahwa besaran pressure test-nya mengacu ke ANSI/ASME B16. 5 (2016) and B16. We are an approved manufacturer with over 100 major oil and gas companies. CONSTRUCTION API 6D FIRESAFE DESIGN API 6FA and British Standard 6755 Part 2 STYLE 3-Piece Bolted Body, Side Entry, Trunnion Mounted Available in Full Bore and Reduced Bore Patterns FACE-TO-FACE API 6D and ASME B16. 555. API 598 and BS EN 12266-1: valves testing. Refer to our technical data sheet on test pressures for API 598. Master Valve's high quality valves are trusted for toughest services including gas processing, drilling, production, transmission, storage, subsea deep water, and API 608 requires adjustable packing glands. API 598. Flange Dimension Standards: ASME B 16. ステム/STEM. norma 598 traducida. On both API STD 598 and ASME B16. E. 20. Certificate API-6A No. 34 shell test duration depends on the valve size. h[l=hs]lz¶-shunlkhuk)\[[ ^lskpun,ukz )vs[lk)vuul[z api 602 . API Standard 598 supplements the API standards that reference it, but it may also be applied to other types of valves by agreement between  DBB/SBB valves are tested according to. R Rate 1) 2) Rate B. The following tests can be performed according to API 6D, API 598, EN12266-1 or to customer specific requirements: Pressure&Functional Testing ; Non-Destructive ERREESSE ball valves testing processes are continuously monitored by our internal Quality Control department to offer a high performance product and a Customized Service in line with the most important International Standards like API 6D, API 6DSS, API 6A, API 17D, API 598, EN12266-1 and in accordance to project specific requirements and Customer expectations. v. Ob Obtuator Ti Tightness h. Construction Details: Bolted Bonnet / Pressure Seal Bonnet, OS & Y Type Rising Stem Valves are tested in accordance with API 6D, API 598, ASME B16. 5950. API-607: Fire Test for Soft-seated Quarter-turn Valves The metal seated trunnion ball valve has two prominent features: metal to metal seating and trunnion mounted ball design. SUBSEA BALL AND GATE VALVES – API 6DSS MORE ROBUST TOP WORK DESIGN; MORE POWERFUL ACTUATOR; LEAKAGE RATES TO API 598 OR ISO 5208:1993, RATES A, B CLADDED BALL VALVES (API 6D – API 6DSS) c) any other type of seat material designed to meet resilient seat leakage rates as specified in Table 5. Certificate API-6D No. Dec 16, 2016 · This API 6D 24 th edition specification holds hydrostatic and pneumatic testing to a new higher standard, unlike the less API 598 testing, API 6D testing requires increased pressure testing durations, test medium rust inhibitor injection, medium pH monitoring and more stringent design and manufacturing process control, as well as packaging Feb 04, 2017 · Three Basic Design Factors in API 6D #Standard Tips 1 stephenmfg@gmail. ○Type IF -fully welded □API 6D対応. 836. standard title api 6d :wljpÄjh[pvumvy7pwlspulhuk7pwpun=hs]lz api 594 *oljr=hs]lz!-shunlk 3 >hmly huk)\[[ ^lskpun api 598 =hs]l0uzwlj[pvuhuk;lz[pun api 600 :[lls. 10, API 6D. 34 Inspection and test: API 598 /API 6D Pressure and temperature rating: ASME B16. API Std 597 Steel venturi gate valves, flanged or butt-welding ends. 47/ SR EN 1092 By means of weld ends acc. to ISO 14313 / ISO 10423 / API 6D / SR EN 17292 / SR EN 1983: MATERIALS: Acc. requirements of API 6A/17D, API 6DSS and, upon request, B16. Globe and. 5 and ASME B16. □ Pressure Testing to API 6D, API 598, MSS SP-110 as applicable. Commonly used Trim Numbers for Valves. API 6D, ASME B16. Descripción: Descripcion de la norma para control de valvulas industriales, interpretacion en español. has capability to manufacture up to class 2500 and 80" according ANSI/ASME/API and DIN standards. BS 598 Part 104. 1111. The valves are manufactured to the latest international • API 598 , EN12266-1 and MSS SP-55 testing and inspection • Manufacture as per API 591 upon request • NACE MR 0175 upon request • A wide choice of End Connection are available including Threaded End, Socket Weld End, Butt Weld End • Working pressure (CWP) : 2000 psi (PN140) / 1500 psi (PN100) • In compliance with ATEX 94/9/EC : API STD 598 - Valve Inspection and Testing Published by API on October 1, 2016 This standard covers inspection, examination, supplementary examinations, and pressure test requirements for resilient-seated, nonmetallic-seated (e. API Spec Q1 9th Edition was published in June-2013 by The American Petroleum Institute (API) . The valve size less or equal 2 inch the test duration will be 15 seconds, between 2 1/2 and 6 inch 60 seconds, between 8 and 12 inch 120 seconds and above 14 inch will be 300 seconds. API 598: Valve Inspection and Testing. • SIL. offers high quality valves with short lead time and competitive price. Face to Face Length Dimension: ANSI B16. FLANGED FLOATING BALL VALVES. API ini khusus menjelaskan spesifikasi untuk katup yang digunakan pada Pipeline. The standard covers inspection, supplementary examination, and pressure test  10 Oct 2013 Comparison of Leakage Rates Between API Standard 598 and API Specification 6D / ISO 14313. 5 & B16. 11 Flanged ASME B16. republican congressional debate, but as the manufacturers state  2 Jul 2016 Explain the differences between the code for pipeline ball valves (API 6D) and that for process valves (API 608) ENGINEERED & PROCESS VALVES27 Comparison of Valve Standards API 6D vs API 598 NOTE Per 6. 34. A. T Test L Leakage k. Hydraulic-pneumatic test according to API 6A, API598, API 6D, API 6DSS; Low- temperature / cryogenic gas test with more than 24 bays up to 30"; High-pressure gas test in special build bunkers; High-  F–F dimensions: API 6D/ASME B16. 4 of API 598, 6th Edition, 1990, is filling the valve body with the valve in the open position with a fluid at zero pressure, then closing the valve, sufficient Used for API 6D ball valves, plug valves and API 6D design pipeline check/gate valves (also now adopted as part of ISO 14313). The above standars do not have leakage classes like FCI 70-2. 6D is the primary specification used for View images of api 6d ball valve provided by 6029 api 6d ball valve wholesalers, api 6d ball valve for sale from China sellers. Valve specifications. 5. The most recent Ball Valve: API 6D, BS 5351. 34 및 api 598보다 더 긴 압력 지속 시간, 더 많은 테스트 항목 및 더 복잡한 작동 절차와 같이 파이프 라인 밸브의 검사 및 테스트에 대한보다 자세한 요구 사항을 제공합니다. : api 6d / api 598 NAB (Nickel-Aluminum-Bronze) Foot Valves NAB Foot valves that are designed to withstand the harsh environments of salt and brine water applications where corrosion resistance is must. Full-opening valves. Pressure Test Specification. to standards like API 6D, ISO 5208, etc. 5, upper than 24" Ac c/ASME B16. 34, API 608, API 6D, API 6A and MSS-SP110. CL VALVE SIZE. Design to API 600/ API–6D ISO 10434; Inspection to API 598/ API-6D; Flanges to ANSI B16. BS EN ISO 10497. BS-598-104-1989. 34, API 6D & BS 5351. Sure Flow valves are designed and manufactured as per ANSI B 16. Size And API 598 (Inspection Testing). API 598 – 2009. □60インチ対応. The API Specification Ninth Edition is a Quality Management System Specification for Manufacturing Organizations to the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industry. API-570-API-571-Questions. C. 5, In addition to providing outstanding services, PHVSVC provides hydrostatic testing with test certificates. -3-. 34 BS1414 API 6D VS API 608 ball valve Perfect Valve Nov 21, 2019 · API 6D provides more detailed requirements for the inspection and testing of pipeline valves, which are more demanding than ASME B16. 34, API 6D, 603&608 standard Valves and UL/FM Valves. 5/16. has been established on the basis that itrepresents themaximumtimerequired to extinguish fire. 10 Flange dimensions:ANSI B 16. 23rd Edition, April 2008. 10/API 6D Flange connecting end: ASME B16. The number corresponding to material used in API 600 and API 602 are termed as Trim Numbers. 34 and API 598, such as longer pressure duration, more test items, and more complex operating procedures. Design Standard: API 608 API 6D CSA Z245. With respect to partic-ular circumstances, local, state, and federal laws and regulations should be reviewed. Design Standard: API 608, API 6D, ASME B16. BDK Steel Gate Valves have industry-leading shutoff and low maintenance performance, designed for high pressure and high temperature conditions. ceramic), and metal-to-metal-seated valves of api 602. Comparison of Valve Standards API 6D vs API 608 12 API 6D INDEX API 6D 24TH EDITION, AUGUST 2014 API 608, 4TH EDITION, DECEMBER 2008 Description Sec Description Sec Scope This specification defines the requirements for the design, manufacturing, assembly, testing, and documentation of ball, check, gate, and plug valves API Specification 6D Specification for Pipeline and Piping Valves TWENTY-FOURTH EDITION | AUGUST 2014 | 108 PAGES | $150. MSS SP   TE V. 6D / ISO 14313. API 608 tests the valve per API-598, which suggests only low pressure tests recognizing the limitations of soft-seated floating ball valves. If a ball valve has both seats as unidirectional (SPE) seats, it is called as Double Block & Bleed (DBB). Test (Inspection) Standard: API 598, API 6D, MESC SPE 77/101, 77/ 102, ISO 5208, API6FA, ISO 10497, ISO 15848 – 1&2, Bs6364. DATE DESCRIPTION FUNCTIONAL, RESISTANCE AND PRESSURE TESTING BALL VALVES API 6D The following indicates standard testing performed. ASME/ANSI B 16. 25 inspection and test, api 598/api 6d. S. 6A-0234 From American Petroleum Institute to apply on valves at PSI, 1 through 4. Butterfly Valve: API 609. , Washington, D. Nov 12, 2013 · Re: Check Valve : API 6D vs API 598 I know that it is very difficult or almost impossible to achieve high rates in this case. *2 Option. The inspection requirements pertain to examinations and testing by the valve manufacturer and any Our Floating Ball Valves are available in an ASME B16. 5 / MSS SP - 44 / API - 605. 34, API 598 and ASME VIII. 15 Face to Face: ASME B16. Standards committee meetings sometimes take on the air of a hearty democrat vs. tw/. 25 MSS SP-45 API-598, API 6D & ISO 15848 • Distinctive Seating Structure • Self-relieving Structure • First Aid of Seal • Fire Safe Design SPECIAL NOTES API publications necessarily address problems of a general nature. currently holds ISO, CE, API 6D certifications. Our dual plate check design weighs a fraction of the full-bodied Swing or Piston Check valves. : ANSI B 16. API 570_05 API 574. 34 Test & Inspection API 598 Body Material CF3 02 23 Introduction L&T Cast Steel Gate, Globe and Check Valves have established themselves the world over for their quality, reliability and long service. API 607 Fire Safe Tested Ball Valve Single / Two / Three Piece Design, Full Bore / Regular (Reduce) Bore. Low- pressure. 25 Wall thickness: ASME B16. 34 face to face, asme b16. 10 End Connection ASME B16. to ISO 5208/ API 6D/ API 598/ EN 1226: PROCESS CONNECTION: By means of flanges acc. API 6D mainly applies to Pipeline valves. 5/ASME B16. 9 Suggested Size and Class to be Tested for Each Type Ball Valve (Floating Type: End Entry, Split Body, Three Piece and Top Entry; Trunnion Type: Split Body, Three Piece) Made in Oct 19, 2016 · Pressure Testing of Valves – Tabulated Testing Requirements for Valves as per API 598, ISO 5208 & EN 12266-1 Posted by Nilesh Mistry on October 19, 2016 Well, we discussed about different types of tests which are performed on Valves to assure its conformity to the applicable requirements in the previous post. PRESSURE & FUNCTIONAL TESTING API 6D BALL VALVES Technical Instruction AP/PT6 Review: 00 Date: 05/03/19 Page: 1/3 Issued by: GP Approved by: BT LIST OF REVIEWS REV. Other international standards including BS and DIN are also available upon request. Face to Face. API supply systems overview. API 591: User Acceptance of Refinery Valves API 598: Valve Inspection and Testing API 600: Steel Gate Valves API 602: Compact Carbon Steel Gate Valves API 603: Cast, Corrosion Resistant Gate Valves API 608: Metal Ball Valves-Flanged, Threaded and Butt-Welding Ends (150&300) API 17D: Specification for Subsea Wellhead and Christmas Tree Equipment API 594 Valve Design API 598 Valve Pressure Testing & Inspection ASME B16. 6D; corrosion resistant gate valve to API 603; Forged steel gate valve to API 602. Fire test certifications to API 607. KVC-ITAG. API 608 defines allowable distruptions on the flange gasket face. Pressure / Temperature Rating: ASME B 16. 34, API 608, API 6D Pressure test API 598 or API 6D Ends Threaded ASME B16. 133. Fire Test Certified Valves* Qualified Sizes: 1If a range of valves is covered by testing of ferritic test valves then the type-testing coverage may be extended to cover austenitic or duplex materials by carrying out a further test on a mid-range size of valve of the same design in that material. Fugitive Emissions: ISO 15848. Construction Details: Bolted Cover / Pressure Seal Bonnet,Swing Check,Tilting Disc,Non – Slam Check. API standards are designed to qualify the oil and petrol industry according to the legislation and environment requirements. Wafer Check Valve: API 594, Swing Check Valve: BS 1868. Metals Valve provides forged steel API 602 gate valves in sizes 4″ and smaller for natural gas and petroleum industries, as well as power plant services. Socket End Details, ASME B16. DIN EN 917 covers Thermoplastics valves, BS 6364 covers cryogenic valves, however the three standards used most in the oil and gas, and petrochemical industry are API 598, ANSI FCI 70-2 and MSS-SP-61. 6D-0097 Issued by American Petroleum Institute to apply on Gate valves, Plug valves, Ball valves and Check valves manufactured in accordance with API-6D specification. This has an opening that forms a seat onto which the disc, connected to a stem, can be screwed in (if operated manually) or slid in (if automated) to close the valve. 95. 15 CSA B51 ISO 17292 Face to Face: ASME B16. Solid line shows the  pressure testing of valves for use in critical service with acceptance criteria as per ASME B16. API Spec 6D Specification for pipeline valves, end closures, connectors and swivels. They are also are suited for high Certificate API-6D No. Valve operator options API 6D specifies requirements and gives recommendations for the design, manufacturing, testing and documentation of ball, check, gate and plug valves for application in pipeline systems. : ASME B16. Cast Steel Floating Ball Valves: API 608, API 6D, BS 5351, Two-Piece Body, Full or Reduced Bore, Class 150 - 300, 1/2 - 10 Inch, or as required. API RP 6FA Fire test for valves. BS 5352. Valve Size 12 Apr 2017 For standard valves, you prove the tight shut off acc. BS EN 12266 -1 and 2. 11, B1. All inspections and tests are performed by qualified and experienced personnel conforming to specifications and standards in order to fulfill each of our customers’ expectations. 104 (valve seat leakage) WKM 370D6 trunnion-mounted ball valves. and over seat testing requirements are more stringent. Design and Manufacture: Steel gate valve to API 600 or API. NOTE: Dotted line shows the rating for valve body. It contains charts that identify the working pressures used in conjunction with other test standards, such as API 598. 1: Offshore metal-to-metal seated, trunnion type riser valve (24 NPS) to API 598. TM3 Trunnion Mounted Valves 2" to 24". 47 or MSS SP-44 or upon request ASME B16. API 598 covers the inspection, examination, and testing requirements for resilient-seated, nonmetallic-seated, and metal-to-metal-seated gate, glove A gate valve is a bi-directional valve, as the fluid may flow in either direction. This standard specifies fire type-testing requirements and a fire type-test method for confirming the pressure-containing capability of quarter-turn valves and other valves with nonmetallic seating under pressure during and after the fire test. 5/ ASME B 16. Quick Detail Type Plug Valve Size 2'' DesignPressure 300LB Construction Self-Lubricated Type, Sleeved Type, Non Lubricated Type, Soft Seat ConnectionType Flange Operation Lever Operation Design Code API 599, API 6D Face to Face ASME B16. ISO 14313 (Section II) Valve Test Standard Mirrors API 6D above. API Std 598 Valve inspection and test. API 602/BS 5352: forged steel valves. American Petroleum Institute (API) 598, Valve Inspection and Test: This is the most widely used test specification in the world. In this case, all the materials and Industrial Ball Valves. 34 Standard, 12IN, CL600, BW End. The standard specifies configurations for the following types of valves: Lubricated and non-lubricated plug valves. API Specification 6D is an adoption of ISO 14313: 1999, Petroleum and Natural Gas Industries-Pipeline Transportation Systems-Pipeline Valves. 73. 20005. Gate valves have forged bodies for bore sizes below 2 inches (API 602/BS 5352), and cast bodies for larger sizes (API 600, API 603, API 6D). The ASME B16. The pressure test for API 598 is slightly less pressure and less duration than API 6D. 全溶接型 IF TYPE. Makanya disebut API SPEC 6D. 25 Jun 2013 API Specification 6D is an adoption of ISO 14313: 1999, Petroleum and Natural Gas Industries-Pipeline API 598. 1194. API 598’s allowable seat leakage rates are as follows: Table 2 - API 598 (9th edition 2009) Valve Seat Leakage Rates DN (mm) NPS (in. Butt weld valve ends. Temperature Chart. CHECK V. S. □ファイアーセーフ デザイン. Pressure designation: includes Class 150, Class 300, Class 600, Class 800, Class 900 and Class 1500. China A105 Extended Bonnet Ball Valve Supplier Dervos Provides A105 Extended Bonnet Ball Valve, API 6D, ASME B16. Cast Steel. 34-3-Size (inches) (mm) End Facing Pressure Rating 150 300-600 900-1500 2500 150 300-600 900-1500 2500 150 300-600 900-1500 2500 150 300-600 900 1500 2500 Mar 14, 2017 · There are many aspects of API-6D compliant designs that are unique when compared to API-598 “Valve Inspection & Testing”. Size. 3 & B. Inspection : API - 598 / ASME - B16. API 6A and API 6D. fire safe stainless steel  Designs are compliant with ASME B16. • Bidirectional shut-off. J D Controls manufacturing Fire Safe Ball Valve as per API 607 standard in Full / Reduced Port with Antistatic Device, Blowout Proof Stem with various choice of operation. standard by American Petroleum Institute, 01/01/2020. 4 & J. API Standard 598. API 608 ball valves usually test the seal by BDK Steel Gate Valves come with an industry leading design for a range of high & low temperature on-off service. Reference Annex A for information to be specified by the purchaser. Pressure Test Standards: API 6D. API vs Non-API Pumps. W. 47 (2016), Pipe Flanges: New editions were published in 2016 API 6D Specification for pipeline valves API 6FA Fire test for valves API 598 Valve inspection and testing API 600 Steel gate valves, flanged and buttwelding ends, bolted and pressure seal bonnets API 602 Compact steel gate valves – flanged, threaded, welding, and extended body ends API 607 Fire test for soft seated quarter turn valves Design Standard: API 602, MESC SPE 77 / 103, BS 1873 DIN 3356. Each valve is shell and seat pressure tested per industry standard API 598. 47 Butt welding connecting end: ASME B16. to insure there are no atmospheric leaks at an extended duration time compared to what the factory would have done. VELAN TRIPLE-OFFSET ZERO LEAKAGE BUTTERFLY VALVE assures "zero leakage" of liquids or gases to API 598 - resilient V - EFV stem seal. API 602 | BS dimension rating** and testing. :API 598. API 598 Valve Inspection and Testing. PED. The quality of our products and services is the main goal: we do this through a total commitment to continuous improvement of our processes and investments in staff, training, facilities, equipments, software and business practices. DN. API 6A DBB valves, PR type testing and production testing up to PSL3G are available. • TA-Luft Face-to-face to API 609. 10. Over 900 API standards serve as the basis for API quality programs covering production material and lubricants, and certification programs for storage tanks, pressure vessels, and piping inspectors. to ISO 5211: CONSTRUCTIVE TYPE: Acc. The standard is currently in the 9th edition, which was released in 2009. Cryogenic Service: Almost all STEELSTRONG Check Valve can be designed in a special version suitable for cryogenic service. API 6D, API 598. • API 6A and API 6D FLEXIBLE WEDGE VERSUS SOLID WEDGE l Welded-in CoCr Factory acceptance standard for gate valve seat leakage. KTM SERIES EB OM-2 SPLIT BODY FLOATING BALL VALVES OMNI-II, a new generation of ball valves with LOW-E fugitive emission certification, cavity relieving seats and ease of automation FEATURES • Designed to ASME B16. 316 and Hardfaced. The API standard 598: Valve Inspection and Testing, covers the testing and inspection requirements for gate, globe, check, ball, plug and butterfly valves. Dual plate lightweight design for efficient seating and operation. 10/ API 6D; Pressure test to API 6D/API 598/BS EN12266-2; Wall thickness ASME B16. 410 and Hardfaced. 3. Perlu diketahui bahwa API 6D adalah specification for Pipeline Valve. 3: Specification for Pipeline and Piping Valves: 8: API 6A / ISO 10423 – Table 32, 33 & 34: Specification for Wellhead and Christmas Tree Equipment: 9: ISO 14313 – Clause 11, B. design descriptions: bc,bolted cover swing type,anti-rotation disc renewable seat rings non-penetrate disc shaft 5 Dec 2016 API 6D specifically caters to valves manufactured for petroleum and natural gas pipe lines. 34: pressure and temperature ratings by material grade. ASME Class 150 - 2500, 8mm - 50mm (1/4” - 2”), API 6D. 34 and API 608 and where applicable with API 6D or BS EN ISO 17292. 318. Supplement 1 to api spec 6D (sixteenth edition ) specification for pipeline valves Design Standard: API 600,BS 1414,API 6D Pressure / Temperature Rating: ASME B 16. trade association for the oil and natural gas industry. A premium valve manufacturer  2) has been added to Annex D (informative) to provide more guidance for those requirements listed in the text as requiring agreement between the manufacturer/ purchaser. These standards cover Pressure tests: API 598 / B 6 6755 Part 1 ◇ Fire safe: API 607 4th Edition / API 6FA / BS 6755 Part II. Construction Details: Bolted Bonnet / Pressure Seal Bonnet, OS & Y Type Rising Stem. • GOST. Flange dimensions. txt) or read online for free. Aug 31, 2017 · Main Valve Test Standards API 598 Valve Inspection and Test The most widely used test specification in the world. Sizes: 2 to 16 in [50 to 400 mm] Pressure classes: 150 to 2500 ; Double block-and-bleed operation; API Specs 6D, 598, 608 Acc. API 6FA cover the requirements for testing and evaluating the performanceofvalveswhen exposed tofire. Fire Safety Test Standards: API 607. The valve dual plate check valve design conforms to APS 594 as well as API 6D except face to face dimensions of ANSI 125 cast iron valves of sizes 65mm (2½”) to 600mm (24”). accordance with the standard API 598 Oct 18, 2016 · API 6D – Clause 9, H. For example, API 598 Standard publishes tables informing maximum allowable leakage related to body size and trim material within a specific test time limit. 34 Quality: MSS SP-55 Fire Safe Design: ISO 10497 Sour: NACE MR 0175 ISO 15156 Pressure Testing: API 6D MERIDIANTM KEY FEATURES AND BENEFITS MERIDIANTM “CHECKPOINT” Nov 01, 2011 · API 6D leakage rates are very close to those of API 598, but its holding times are longer. Design And Manufacture: API 600, API 6D, BS1414. 2, H. ALVES. Flange Details, ASME B16. Face to Face Standards: ASME B 16. Pressure/Temperature Chart, ASME B16. Testing Standard, API 598. 47: Pressure Test Standards: API 598 (Zero Leakage), API 6D: Fire Safety Test Standards: API607 JB/T6899: Quality/Product Certifications: Fugitive Emissions: GB/T26481-2011: NACE: NACE-MR-0175: Valve operator options Ball Valves . NPS. 34 Quality: MSS SP-55 Fire Safe Design: ISO 10497, API 607 Sour: NACE MR 0175 ISO 15156 Globe valves are generally characterized for their spherical body with the two halves of the body being separated by an internal baffle. The most important test conditions are: 1) The valve shall be filled with liquid and tested in the closed position. Seat Leakage Testing. 3 of  22 Feb 2017 What is Difference Between API 6D and API 600 for Design Gate Valve # Standard Tips 5 stephenmfg@gmail. We comply and meet the most stringent customers’ requirements for the qualification of our products through extensive severe service, Piping Engineering : Fire Safe Ball Valve Vs Ordinary Ball Valve (API-6D & API-607) G. 10 DIMENSIONS FLANGE END Up to Size 24" ASME B16. API 594 ANSI Dual Plate Wafer Check Valves The Industry Standard. org. seats 750BHN Min. TECHNICAL DATA. 34; the body can be in two and three piece on DAFRAM Trunnion mounted ball valves, is ideal for block and bleed to API 6D DIB-2. China API 6D Swing Check Valve Manufacturer Baltic Offers API 6D Swing Type Check Valve, Full Bore, ASTM A216 WCB, 16 Inch, CL150, RF Flanged ends. 6. The standard covers all types of valves (soft & metal seated) in sizes up to 600NB Swing Check Valves: API 6D, BS 1868, BS 1873, ASME B16. □ Fire test certifications to API 607. 34 ANSI B16. Available in a range of sizes, their cryogenic design are ideal for low temperature applications. Multiplier K. 4  5 Apr 2017 Pipeline Valve Standards The American Petroleum Institute - Flow and Control Engineering offers several valves that are designed and tested in accordance with API 6D Spec. Face To Face : API - 594 / API - 6D. 5 buttwelding ends,asme b16. API 6D specifically caters to valves manufactured for petroleum and natural gas pipe lines RE: API 6D vs API 598 for refurbished Ball Valve SJones (Petroleum) 24 Dec 11 11:37 API 598 only applies if referenced by the main valve standard, or if agreed between purchaser and supplier. 34, Bolted Bonnet, Pressure Seal, Bolted Cover, BW, Flanged Ends, Class 150 - 2500, 2 -36 Inch. Valve Seat Leak Test Pressure The API STD 598 requires the valve being tested at 110% of the maximum allowable pressure at 38 °C (100 °F). 34 Pressure / Temperature Ratings API 6D Pipeline Valves API 6A Production Valves (PED) 97/23/EC Pressure Equipment Directive *Duo-Chek meets or exceed these industry standards. Below the standard for inspection & testing based on API 598. 6D. Under the general standards, there are some subordinated specifications drafted for each specific OCTG product Bolted Bonnet Gate Valve, 150lb Bolted Bonnet Gate Valve, 4 Inch Bolted Bonnet Gate Valve manufacturer / supplier in China, offering API 6D 1/2"~8" Class 150lb Bolted Bonnet Gate Valve, Seamless Alloy Steel/Carbon Steel Pipes, 304/316 Butt Welding Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings Eccentric Reducer and so on. Check Valves L&T Straight-pattern V alves. 34, API 608, API 6D and ISO 171292. 37. Type of Tests (Standard Requirements). 5 / MSS SP - 44 / API - 605 Design : API - 594 Face To Face : API - 594 / API - 6D Inspection : API - 598 / ASME - B16. Each valve has a unique certification number that is traceable to the valve certification sheet which includes MTR data, pressure test report, and inspection report. Valve inspection and testing conforms to API 598. 1477. It claims to represent about 650 corporations involved in production, refinement, distribution, and many other aspects of the petroleum industry. exports over 40 countries. to ASME B 16. api 6d는 asme b16. pdf. BOLTED BONNET. aFull description. 5 Marking: MSS SP-25 Inspection: API 598 Pressure & Temp. These include: Defining an unobstructed minimum bore clearance for full opening valve configurations. 3 May 2018 Ball valves are mainly designed to conform API 6D (Specification for pipeline valves) and ANSI B16. Suggested revisions are invited and should be submitted to the Standards and Publications Department, API, 1220 L Street, NW, Washington, DC 20005, standards@api. 1. This International Standard specifies requirements and gives recommendations for the design Nov 01, 2011 · API 6D is the primary standard for valves used in pipeline service, including gate, plug, ball and check valves. 25: butt weld connections design. 10 end flanges,asme b16. 2 The inspection requirements pertain to examinations and testing by the valve manufacturer and any supplementary examinations that the purchaser may require at the valve API 6D API 607 API 6FA API 598 BS 5351 BS 6755 ANSI B16. Test And Inspection: API 598, API 6D. ○. Single Ball Valves are designed to provide considerable space and weight savings when compared to a traditional flanged en. : API 6D/API 598 / BS 6755 Part I /. 10 or DIN 3202 or according to the client requirement. Gate Valves. In compliance with European Union (EU) legislation for visitors from the EU, Schlumberger requests your permission to place cookies on your computer to both improve your experience and to help us improve our website. 832. 34 contains test methods, but does not define allowable seat leakage. Fig. gate valve API 600 – API6D – ASME B 16. API Standard Code Name. INSPECTION AND TEST. Pressure tests. modentic. Dual Plate Wafer Non-Return Valves (equivalents of Techno ™ Check Valve 5050, 5051, & 5053) were originally introduced in the late 1950s and quickly became the check valves of choice for many piping engineers because of their proven reliability and low pressure drops. API Specification 60 / ISO 14313. Inspection and Test: API 598, or API 6D. 5 Pressure & Temp ASME B16. The SCV designs offers many features and options beneficial for oil, liquid gas, and liquid applications. Velan standard. Valves are tested for leakage, durability and strength using various methods of testing including API-598, API-6D, radiographic and NDE examinations, dye penetration and x-ray examination. Knife gate valve dimensions were adopted. Customizable spring configurations and guided seat design gives the option for a carbon steel body and end enclosures with a duplex or stainless seat module. ISO 5208 leakage rate tables are often referred in conjunction with API 6D tests. API 598 testing procedure and the testing include the bleed functionality. API SPEC6D. 34 or API 6A in case of Final testing is done to conform API 598 (Valve Inspection and Testing) MSS-SP-61 (Pressure Testing of Steel Valves) API 6D (Specification for Pipeline Valves) This makes the design long durable and reliable and able to achieve classes V & VI leakage class. 34, API 608, API 6D, API 6A and MSS- SP110. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Design Standard: API 602, API 600, MESC SPE 77 / 101, MESC SPE 77 / 102, ASME B16. API 11P vs API 618. The American Petroleum Institute (API) is the largest U. API 602. To find more about  important International Standards like API 6D, API 6DSS, API 6A, API 17D, API 598, EN12266-1 and in accordance to ½” to 56” and pressure classes from ANSI 150 to API 15000, from 0 to 1600 bar, for a maximum weight of 1800 Tons. For better understanding you only have to think about the use of a gasket in flange connections. 34 & API-6D & API-608 or ISO 17292 ASME B16. Plug Valve: API 599. 34 SWING CHECK VALVE BB 150LB 300LB BW RF RTJ FLANGE from China manufacturer. 3/8. 1 With reference to Paragraph 4. FEATURES Jul 21, 2014 · API 598 supplements the API standards that reference it, but it may also be applied to other types of valves by agreement between the purchaser and the valve manufacturer. In case of. 1/4. ACCESSORIES JAGflo provides locking devices, pipe pups, stem extensions coating and valve automation per customer requirements. API 6D is specifically for pipeline valves. 34 requires the test be performed not less than 110% of the 38°C (100°F) pressure rating which almost is the same. 34 Test (Inspection) Standard : API 598, API 6D, ISO 5208, API6FA, ISO 10497,BS6364 API Std 608 Metal Ball Valves - Flanged, Threaded, and Welding Ends, Sixth Edition. LEAKAGE ACCEPTANCE RATES COMPARISON METAL & SOFT SEATED VALVES ISO 5208/API 598/API 6D/MSS SP-61/FCI 70-2 TESTING & LEAKAGE RATES OVERVIEW A catalog of API publications and materials is published annually and updated quarterly by API, 1220 L Street, N. ISO 5208 Valve Test Standard Incorporates an adoption of API 598 test Design Standard: API 6D CSA Z245. All valves built to the various API standards are required to meet API-598 leakage criteria prior to shipment from the 11 Ok Comparison Leakage Rates API 598 & API 6d - Free download as PDF File (. This International Standard specifies requirements and gives recommendations for the design, manufacturing, testing and documentation of ball, check, gate and plug valves for application in pipeline systems. Face to face Dimension, ASME B16. 65. FIRE TEST CERTIFICATION Valves are designed and certified by an Independent Authority according to API 607. API Std 594, Check Valves: Flanged, Lug, Wafer, and Butt-welding, is a standard developed and published by the American Petroleum Institute (API) that covers the design, materials, face-to-face dimensions, pressure-temperature ratings, and examination, inspection, and testing requirements for Type "A" and Type "B" check valves. This means, that there is no visible leakage during a defined testing period. 34 Test (Inspection) Standard: API 598, API 6D, ISO 5208, API6FA, ISO 10497,BS6364 For block valves you should use API 598, API 6D or MSS-SP-61. 47 Flanges ASME B16. GWC’s complete product line is designed, manufactured and tested in full accordance with API, ASME and International standards. 900. 25 Inspection and test:API 6D or API 598 Nps:2"-60" Pressure:Class150 API 598 (Zero Leakage), API 6D: Face to Face Standards: ASME B 16. 34; View PDF The Sesto Valves trunnion mounted ball valve design allows for the use of all types and materials of construction and may be installed in any flow configuration and orientation. 5 Butt-weld ASME B16. Valve Inspection & Testing (API 598) Valve are mechanical devices specially designed to direct, start, stop, mix or regulate the flow, pressure or temperature of pressure fluid. These valves have been widespread in severe service applications where pipeline flow may contain solids and harsh corrosives, operating at elevated temperatures and high pressures. 2906. 10 Flange: ASME B16. Page 10. Introduction. T nspired by the mission of offering world- class solutions in the area of Flow Control, a group of experienced engineers with decades API 6D. The following list contains the most applicable standards for GWC Ball, Gate, Globe, Check and Butterfly Valve product line. API 6D. Specification for Pipeline Valves. pdf), Text File (. 25: ACTUATOR ATTACHMENT FLANGE: Acc. PEEK 598. OTHER VA. View all product details Most Recent steel check valves, api 6d steel check valves,iso14313 steel valves,asme b16. MIR VALVE is a Malaysian company, privately owned by a small number of shareholders. Leakage rates The tests are carried out as per Tables 1 to 4 on previous page. 47 Butt-welded end dimensions:ANSI 16. 34, API 598. 34 ASME B16. It has acceptable leakage rates for liquid as well as gas testing. We are going to purchase valves from a Chinese Manufacturer for new unit in Refinery, it has submitted the API certificate mentioning API 608: Metal ball valves – Flanged, Threaded, and Welding End ISO 17292: Metal ball valves for petroleum, petrochemical and allied industries. API 6D contain separate leakage rate requirements. Globe Valve: BS 1873. The installation of this type of valve creates a modest pressure drop in the pipeline, lower than globe valves. 2: 1 NPS class 150, soft seated floating ball valve. Jun 25, 2013 · API Specification 6D is an adoption of ISO 14313: 1999, Petroleum and Natural Gas Industries-Pipeline Transportation Systems-Pipeline Valves. 34 Product scope: NPS 2″~NPS 48″,CL150~CL2500 API 608 ASME B16. This requirement allows various designs to perform better in applications requiring pigging. Item Design and Inspection Standards of KITZ Threaded Ball Valves Pressure-temperature ratings API Spec 6D; NACE MR0175/ISO 15156; Fire-tested to API Spec 6FA; Optional compliance with API Spec 598 (valve inspection and testing) and ASME Standard B16. 2164. V. Especially for the oil and gas market, the most important ones are API 6A, API 6D and API 598. NACE: MR 01-75 / ISO 15156 compliant. ASME B 16. Oct 13, 2014 · API Standard 598, from the American Petroleum Institute, provides industry standards for valve ratings and valve leakage . API Std 595 Cast iron gate valves, flanged ends. 10, Flange Dimension Standards: ASME B 16. Apr 12, 2017 · For standard valves, you prove the tight shut off acc. All valves are designed and tested within the requirements of API 6D, ASME B16. Fire Testing. With our unrivalled proven expertise, innovative design and skilled engineering, Merwede’s ball valves can be delivered in a wide variety of configurations for the most challenging services and/or applications. TABLE-1 (DN <= 100 and ASME Class <=1500 / DN>4 and ASME Class  Did you know, API 6D/API 598/ISO 5208 do not always require a high pressure and a low pressure seat test to be done as a mandatory requirements for all valves types? Depending on size, type and class only either a high or a low pressure test  1 Nov 2011 Steel valve pressure ratings found in ASME/ANSI B16. Available in Wafer, Lug and Double Flange styles. Complete range of standard and engineered ball and gate valves API 6D / 6DSS / 6A / 17D for standard and special services and applications for the oil and gas, refining and petrochemical industry Design standard: BS 1868/API 6D Length of structure: ASMEB16. API Spec. 3-Piece Trunnion Ball Valves - API 6D Full & Reduced Port Bolted & Welded Body Construction Classes: 150 - 2500 Sizes: 2" - 42" Mar 16, 2015 · API 6D covers the design, manufacture, testing, and documentation for pipeline ball, check, gate, and plug valves for pressure ratings up to ASME class 2500. H. API 6D is the primary standard for valves used in pipeline service, including gate, plug, ball and check valves. There are many standards for leakage rates, or as it is often called; Shutoff Classification e. SPECIFICATIONS. A premium valve manufacturer specifies always leak rate “A” (highest level). 3992. txt) or view presentation slides online. 2, B. • Superior valve design at a competitive price. Monel and Hardfaced. API 6FA. api 14e : 1991 : r2013 : recommended practice for design and installation of offshore production platform piping systems: api 598 : 2016 : valve inspection and testing: api 591 redline : 2008 : process valve qualification procedure: api 603 : 2013 : corrosion-resistant, bolted bonnet gate valves - flanged and butt-welding ends: api 603 russian Master Valve USA serves Oil & Gas, chemical, petrochemical, refining and other process Industries by providing superior on/off API 6D and API 6A ball valves for customers worldwide. 4460. Face To Face (End To End): ANSI B16. PRESSURE AND FUNCTIONAL TESTING API 598 Technical Instruction AP/PT5 Review: 00 Date: 05/03/19 Page: 3/3 TABLE No 3 MAXIMUM PERMISSIBLE LEAK FOR SEATS TESTING DN SOFT SEAT METAL SEAT VALVE* METAL SEAT CHECK VALVE Water Air Water (drops per minute) Air (bubble per minute) Water (cm3/min) Air (litres per minute) ≤2” 0 0 0 6 1,33 2 1/2” 0 5 Jun 25, 2013 · API Specification 6D is an adoption of ISO 14313: 1999, Petroleum and Natural Gas Industries-Pipeline Transportation Systems-Pipeline Valves. h[l . 5 DIMENSIONS Sizes 26" and ASME B16 Quality & Testing We will strive to offer you the best possible service, and bring you the highest quality products. 1613. 2812. 10 ASME B16. G6D024 This specification defines the requirements for the design, manufacturing, assembly, testing, and documentation of ball, check, gate, and plug valves for application in SCV Dual Plate Check Valve design naturally reduces fluid drag allowing easy opening and fast closure with minimal “hammering”. 2074. API 607 Pressure vs. 34 and other applicable standards. 04. hyytrFull description. API 600, 602 are heavy duty valves for petroleum refinery and related services. Valve Pressure Class: Minimum Test Pressures psig Shell Hydrostatic: Seat Hydrostatic: 150: 425: 300: 300: 1100: 800: 400: 1450: 1060: 600: 2175: 1600: 900: 3250 all standards including ISO 9001, API 6D, API 6A, API 6DSS, API 17D, CE-PED, CE-ATEX, EN 14141, IEC 61508, ISO 17025. API Std 600 Bolted bonnet steel gate valves for petroleum and API 6D Wafer style Dual Plate Check Valves Suit Flanges For : ASME - B16. Valve Inspection and Testing. Standards. Benefits of API Spec Q1 Q2 Learn the benefits of API Spec Q1 and API Spec Q2 for companies that provide manufacturing or services to the oil and gas TD Ameritrade API Part 2: Authenticating with Pipeline valves API 6D Cast iron checks API 598, MSS SP-71 Cast iron globes API 598, MSS SP-85 Cast iron plugs API 598, MSS SP-78 Steel ball valves API 598 Steel butterfly valves API 598 Cryogenic valves API 598, BS 6364 Control valves FCI 70-2, ISA-S75, Pressure relief valves API 527, ASME PTC 25 The American Petroleum Institute - API - represents more than 400 members involved in the oil and natural gas industry. Valve standards from API - the American Petroleum Institute: API SPEC 6D Specification for Pipeline Valves. svil huk*oljr=hs]lzmvy:palz+5 57: huk:thsslymvy[ol7l[yvsl\thuk5h[\yhs gas industries All our Valves are suitable for sour service complying with NACE (MR-01-75) and are Fire Safe Design in compliance with API 607. Our Products and Services. 1 Socket-weld ASME B16. TEST AND INSPECTION: API 6D: Pipeline Valves. focuses on ball, gate, check, globe, butterfly, plug, stop, strainer and marine valves. Pressure Testing to API 6D, API 598, MSS SP-110 as applicable. Test (Inspection) Standard: API 598, API 6D, MESC 77/103, ISO 5208, ISO15848 -1&2, BS 6364. GLOBE VALVE ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGESThe advantages are: The API 6D Specification is an adoption of ISO 14313: 1999, Petroleum and Natural Gas Industries-Pipeline Transportation Systems-Pipeline Valves. API 6D Wafer style Dual Plate Check Valves. 11. Design : API - 594. Leakage rate EN 12266-1, rate D. Feb 22, 2017 · What is Difference Between API 6D and API 600 for Design Gate Valve #Standard Tips 5 stephenmfg@gmail. okFull description. 5 API 598 or API 6D* 2 API 607 and API 6FA British Standards BS 5351 BS 5351 BS 5351 BS 2080*1 BS 1560 BS 6755 Part 1* BS 6755 Part 2 KITZ Standard *1 Option for 2" to 4" Class 150 full port design. 170. API Standard 598 supplements the API standards that reference it, but it may also be applied to other types of valves by agreement between the purchaser and the valve manufacturer. API 6D makes reference to ISO 5208, but in practice API 6D valves are often in Europe specified with allowable leakage rates as per EN 12266-1. Main structural features: Full Port Design, OS&Y, Outside and Screw, Bolted bonnet, Back Seal Structure China API 600 Gate Valve Supplier Produces API 600 WCB Body Gate Valve, 10 Inch, Class 300 LB, Raised Flange Ends, Face to Face Standard ASME B16. Having said that API 6D/ISO 5208 is the required standard for trunnion ball valves. National Adoption of ISO 14313—Petroleum and natural gas Examination shall be carried out in accordance with ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Section V, Article 7. According to API, oil and natural gas industry can have the reference standards about its industry. This valve will require a leakage rate A according to EN 12266-1. Petroleum API 6D Specification for Pipeline and Piping Valves Trunnion / Floating Comparison  18 Aug 2016 Design Standard, ISO 17292 / API 608. 4. 34 are required to determine API 598 test pressures for steel valves. API Standard Name. A brief introduction of API 5L, API 5B, API 5CT and API 5D . ファイアーセーフガスケット/FIRE SAFE GASKET. API 608 ball valves usually test the seal by pressurizing one end and observing the seat at the other end The pressure test for API 598 is slightly less pressure and less duration than API 6D. BS EN ISO 17292. api 6d vs api 598

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