0 MHz) band Dipole antenna kit. 860 within 2:1 (or it should). 830 MHz, and the capacitor to ground is tapped at an appropriate place on the inductor and tuned against ground for lowest SWR. 160m inverted L structure 160m inverted L gain The radiator of this antenna consists of 15 meters vertical wire with another 21. 76 – Half Rhombic Unidirectional Vertical for Oct 23, 2004 · 80m Inverted-L Antenna (Base-loaded for 160m) Click here to jump to latest news on this antenna My coaxial-dipole would just about tune up on 160m but its replacement, a standard 40m half-wave dipole wouldn’t. The rope in this picture comes from the end of one of my 318-ft high apex Inverted Vee Dipoles for 160 meters, and goes out over those tiny 80 to 100-foot tall trees about 700 feet away. Operating 160-meter NVIS Linear-Loaded Inverted V How do you fit a full length 160 meter antenna into a 40 foot deep yard? W7IUV 160 Meters vertical 90 foot tall top loaded vertical for 160 meters Receiving antenna for low bands K9AY loop antenna installed at PA6Z Contest group. There are other transmission line transformers that will work, but the pair-of-parallel 75 ohm lines is the most simple and has excellent bandwidth. Full band coverage can be accomplished with an antenna tuner. Put a V up with a 100' apex and it'll work nicely stateside. 160m Inductance-Loaded Shortened Dipole. An Inverted “V” or Dipole is gargantuan, 246 feet long. Making it a resonant antenna for all bands from 80m to 6m (except WARC bands). n. Use the lowest-loss coaxial cable that you can afford, with due consideration of life and mechanical properties. About Linear-Loaded Inverted V The resource is currently listed in dxzone. The reason was Of course for 1. We used 80 and 40 meters since those are the most difficult bands for the average ham with a modest station to work DX. The Novice subbands are only 50- and 100-kHz wide, so it should be possible to achieve an SWR of 1. com in a single category. 25 ohms. com I cut the L to 1:1 SWR using an MFJ259 swr analyzer at the feed point. The bottom sides of the triangular wire elements should be deployed as far above ground as possible, and staked out to anchors with insulated rope or cord. Eliminate send/receive tuner loss. After a single adjustment the specs are as follows. 3/1/2016 N6MW. The antenna was mounted in an Inverted-V configuration with the apex at just 18ft; the ends were at a height of 6ft. Inverted U antenna for 160m An inverted U wire antenna for 200 meters and down 160 meter sloper antenna The 160-meter sloper system at K3LR 160/80M Mammoth Beam A full size 160M 3 element beam antenna and a 80 m 5 element beam antenna on a 330ft Tower Bruce arrays for 80 and 160m Antennas with gain and bandwidth for 80 and 160 meters band. Full Half-Wave Inverted Vee, Over level ground, the minimum height for the apex (feedpoint) of an Inverted Vee is determined by the angle  3 Oct 2006 This page was my first 80 meter inverted vee page, created several years Since an 80 meter dipole is approximately 130 feet long, and a 160  12 Nov 2016 With winter approaching it is time to make improvements to my antenna setup for 160m. 3 Online and downloadable Dipole, Inverted V and Ground Plane Calculators. 160M inverted L with two elevated tuned radials can be connected temporarily. An old expression is, "If you can't go out, go up. 21 Jul 2018 The inverted-V dipole is a good choice for this - you need a pole, 12m and 10m bands, and could probably get something out on 80m/160m. Online and downloadable Dipole, Inverted V and Ground Plane Calculators. Picture of W4KAZ 160m matching network and transformer junction box in use with 155 foot long inverted L and K2AV FCP The Present…. The vertical section should be as high as possible, with the remainder of the antenna run horizontally to a support, such as a tree or a mast. 5:1 or less across this segment. The inverted V is a favorite of many hams, so a short V was designed for 160 meters. The cord which normally supports the end of the 40m Inverted V dipole, is left hanging. . This will result in good NVIS patterns, shown in Figures 18 and 19, at frequencies between 3. 25m of thin 7 x 0. Coaxial Inverted L for 160 Meters By John N9LYE Few amateurs have room for full sized vertical antennas on 160 meters. 72/10 The 160-meter coil plus an 80-meter mobile antenna were placed at the far end opposite the feed point. 46 one side. Enough ground space for the antenna, they are designed to operate in a straight line as viewed from above. Dipole and vertical are both fed with coax secured to the mast; Approx 30' Palm tree in the back corner of the lot. This antenna was the mark 3, the previous two 17. when using the 160m antenna the 40m vertical wire on the mast is disconnected. Terminated inverted U antenna with designs and model by Chris Moulding, G4HYG of an inverted V dipole for 40m and fed it at 800 ohms with a 16:1 transformer. There is a 100 foot wire from the feed end ground to the termination ground. Very Short 160-meter Inverted-V Larry Nelson - K5IJB Constructing a dipole for 160 meters with a length of approximately 254 feet and a height of 50 feet or higher will produce a low angle of radiation. What is better to put on 160m on the mountain 200 m (within a radius of 2 km - the Sep 11, 2015 · This 40 and 80 meter inverted V antenna is made with loading coils. Tower Pole as a Vertical Antenna for 80m 44 70. I can get the apex of an inv v up 100', maybe  5 Nov 2012 Inverted V Antenna 40-80-160. The antenna is designed to be fed with 50 or 75 Ohm Coax Cable of most any length with a Balun. Support Configurations. It’s a great HF antenna for the ham radio operator with a smaller backyard! HF Linked Dipole This is a really versatile aerial for “portable” operating and is also quite simple to make – It’s a 40m Inverted-V Dipole but with the wires cut at certain points with crocodile-clips soldered onto each piece of wire end. 22 Different Wire Antennas for the 160 Meter Band THE LIST. Having read ON4UN's Low Band DXing, I had a good idea that an inverted V would not be an ideal DX antenna given my scenario (small lot and only one 70ft support structure A conventional 160m dipole made from regular wire elements will never cover the whole 160m band! That's a nice dream, but unfortunately it never comes true. For simplicity, I set this antenna up as an inverted-v configuration. It is similar to IRLP but allows users to connect via either radio or computer. After a couple of hours and 48 QSOs across 20 countries, I realised that for 90% of the QSOs that you make on 80m, an inverted V, a regular dipole or perhaps a delta loop (like mine) at around 30 feet will be fabulous – and you’ll have the advantage of being able to have a QSO in your own country. It is a further development of the 80m full size GPA described on another page of my site, allowing dual band operation. SWR is less than 1. The 50 ohm normalized SWR would be 1. And yes you can bend any half wave antenna (dipole or end fed within limits) into a V, Inverted V, vertical or inverted L to name a few. Poles at the end about 5 meters high. 79 one side. Oct 22, 2011 · My own 40m New Carolina Windom, with the longest leg at 74 o from vertical, sacrifices only 2. 8 9. 4MHz and fourth harmonic of 7. May 22, 2012 · For 160m, you should put up an inverted V -- but not for DX. Even if it were cut for 80m the sacrifice would only be 4. It is a half-wave long on the lowest frequency, and is fed from a coax cable through a transformer inserted in the wire at one-third from one end. In fact, the urbanite may have difficulty accommodating a 160-meter inverted V. 63. The reception seemed to be Ok, but the reports for transmission were very poor. I constructing a box to hold the matching "network" for a new 160M Inverted L. It uses two vertical segments and two horizontal segments that happen to be tied together at the bottom to resonate on different bands on different segments. Product specification may change without notice. All Coax construction on models from 10 to 80M (160M model uses 14 AWG wire at ends for less weight pull) The All Band Doublet configured as a 'T' Antenna The main HF antenna is an All Band Doublet fed with ladder line and matched with a T-Match antenna tuner including a 1:4 current balun that gives access to all HF bands including the 160m band. All models handle over 2500W. A 160m version (I know of one fellow who plans to build one!) would give up almost 9 feet, though. I was going to put an SO-239 feed through on the box. 83 - Tri-Band Beam for 20m, 15m, 10m The construction is the same as with dipole, but the radials are at angle between 90° and 120°. 9 15. I have an end-fed inverted V, for some bands, but 160 and 80 were out of the question. The antenna is resonate on both bands and does not require an antenna tuner. For small lots: with the antenna legs sloping down at the minimum 120 degree angle the 4-Band antennas need at least 60 feet Sep 05, 2015 · For reference and comparison, the orientation of the wire is directly east (short wire) and west (long wire). Now it's time to extend the Fan with more bands. Given the small size of my garden even a long wire contorted with lots of bends wouldn’t easily fit. B. The new ~200-foot Rohn 45G tower in the center foreground is the new main omni-directional 160-meter antenna. It's unfortunate that 160 is often a "forgotten" band. The first online Dipole and Inverted V calculator on the page below has been around for many years and is designed as a simple "shortcut" so you will not have to do the math using the standard formulas for designing a horizontal dipole or inverted V dipole. During the current lull in solar activity, operation on the 160 meter ham band has become more popular. In 1985 I put  I put up a simple 160 meter Inverted-Vee configuration dipole with the center at a about 45 feet. The original javascript was created by Jack Ponton and can be seen here . 160-Meter Dipole Height. The antennas as seen from the street on the side of my house. Until recently, my tower supported a pair of phased 40 meter delta loops. 75 - 160m Inverted Delta Loop. Mar 21, 2004 · Running an inverted V or center fed dipole will place the feed point too far from the house and will present other problems with where the coax would come down. 30' push up mast on the center of my roof. Simply cut the antennas to length for your favorite frequency with the included cutting chart. 910 28. 13 :1, providing an excellent match. The antenna displays a low feed impedance, which allow you to feed it directly with 50-ohm coax cable. The conclusion was that the antenna efficiency was poor. 22 Different Wire Antennas for the 160 Meter Band We have 331 guests and no members online. This portion becomes an inverted "L" ungrounded quarter wave vertical, 39 meters in length, made up of #14 stranded (7x22) copper-clad antenna wire. Halfwave Inverted V is: 263. 6MHz, the third harmonic of 5. The goals of the project were to provide an optimized antenna for 40m, 80m, 20m, and all other HF ham bands, in that order of priority. 8 - 2. But the G7FEK is not your average HF Antenna. Nevertheless, even on this band the SLOPING INVERTED L antenna will get you on the air! 73! Rolf, LA1IC Submitted by Rolf Brevig, LA1IC (Age 73 - licensed radio amateur since 1949), - and originator of the May 22, 2012 · A major problem with dipoles on 160m is getting them high enough and a 100ft flat top is a great NVIS antenna but DX will not be its strong point. Dxing on the Edge Jeff Briggs K1ZM's book about Dxing the Top band 160m Electrically-Short Dipole Antennas Flags and Pennants -- Receive antennas for limited space with good noise rejection. It installs easily, needs no elaborate ground system, yet performs very well. are possible. TimTools99. Again, a perfect 50 Q match can be obtained by adjusting the stub lengths. 160m Loop Antenna for TX. On the low bands, the CAROLINA WINDOM 160's rivals are few, if there are any at all, but you need a lot of room to put one up. 830 and it will cover 1. It won't work as well as our verticals on longer Spiderpoles but will work a lot better than ALL short commercial 160m vertical antennas. 2 MHz but with a penalty of about 3 dB loss in gain at both frequencies when compared to the cross dipoles of Figure 15. 66 ft base loaded wire end fed against ground radials. Extended Double Zepp is: 655. 07 feet 242. Probably not the ideal balun for 80m. The  Online and downloadable Dipole, Inverted V and Ground Plane Calculators. 0 21. MHz. This link is listed in our web site directory since Thursday Dec 23 1999, and till today "Linear-Loaded Inverted V" has been followed for a total of 22525 times. Any full length wire will enhance Jan 04, 2009 · It was nice out this weekend so I started a project of an HF wire antenna in the back yard. 160M DIPOLE ANTENNA KIT *** TO BUY WITH CONFIDENCE, YOU ARE GETTING PAYPAL PROTECTION ! *** This is the ONE single 160 meters (1. This calculator uses a "K" multiplying factor value of . 87 one side. My antenna is a inverted "U"; up 60 to 70 feet; out 100 feet; & down 60 to 70 feet to ground. This dipole has performed quite admirably in spited of its. The W5GI Multi-band Mystery Antenna is a fundamentally a collinear antenna comprising three half waves in-phase on 20 meters with a half-wave 20 meter line transformer. 800 to 1. First let’s look at my ¼ WL 160m vertical. An easy way to overcome this horizontal span requirement is to make the dipole into an inverted-vee. I need to say that this antennas have a very different signal capture angle and in the dayline they can do a better DX antenna job, even better than the full size verticals or inverted V dipoles. Note the very high angle of radiation. 2. Like all inverted vees, it requires a single center support, which is often times a tower which is topped with a Yagi or quad for the upper bands. 12/15/30/40m co-fed inverted V at 30 ft; 75m inverted V at 50 ft; 160m Inverted L at 50 ft with single radial; 160 Delta Loop at 50 ft fed by 450ohm ladderline; Under Construction: US Tower MA 550 Tower; Cushcraft A4S w/ 40m Add-on; Cushcraft D3W WARC rotatable dipole ; Software: DX for Win 7. Log included working out to MN twice from here near Syracuse, NY using 5W. The inverted "V" dipole configuration is also a space saver! The angle between the two legs should be greater than 90° for best performance. 90 for Director Low Mount Halfwave is: 248. Even fewer have room for a dipole up at least half a wavelength above ground. We'll see Dipole order (top down) First attempt. 0 6. Nov 13, 2012 · For 80M and 160M its doable using an L-network (note the wires will be 130 and 260ft giver or take). The Inverted "L" is a 1/4-wave Marconi, fed against ground or a counterpoise such as radials. Cheap Demo Board, Buy Directly from China Suppliers:500W 1:1 Waterproof HF Balun for 160m - 6m Bands (1. Extended Double Zepp is:  Inverted Vee. It is sort of an inverted L. The center connection is an old Carolina Windom 4:1 current balun fed with RG-8X. Inverted-L for 80m & 160m by ON7EQ The antenna is inspired on the 'Battlecreek Special' design, but then limited to 80 and 160m (no 40m section). The current Inverted V with its high angle of radiation  The lower bands such as 160, 75/80 and 40 meters will be rather narrow banded in resonant frequencies. 160m/80m Broadband Antenna by K5GP A presentation to CTDXCC September 22, 2008 The 160m/80m broadband antenna design objectives were to have: 160 and 80 m antennas since I had no antennas for these bands, the antennas had to be hidden because of covenant restrictions, open wire feeders would be too visible to be allowed, Loaded Quarter Wave Antenna Inductance Calculator Here is a formula and calculator for creating a loaded (shortened) quarter wave vertical or balanced dipole. May 25, 2016 · A couple of weeks ago, I started looking for 160 meter antennas. Share on  198 - X-Beam Antenna Gain=3dB for 20m · 199 - Twin Delta Loop Antenna Gain= 6dB for 160m, 80m, 40m · 200 - Inverted-V Beam Antenna for 30m  May 27, 2018 - The 40/80/160 Meter Coil-loaded Inverted V Dipole Antenna See all details: Link. The mast currently has a inverted V dipole and Cushcraft R6000 above it. The Wire Size can range from 16 AWG to 12 AWG. 5 meters horizontally at the top. ). Colinear Array is: 521. Jan 08, 2009 · So, there you have it - some options for getting on 160 meters. Inverted V antenna for 160 meters near 70 ft tower Pros and Cons of the Inverted V Antenna on 160 meters @ N0HR. In a large properly designed rhombic, slightly less than half of applied RF power is lost in the termination system. An inverted V with an apex at 100ft is a good start but if the ends droop very much towards the ground the efficiency will also start tapering off. I've got to say I'm very happy with this antenna. Very Short 160-meter Inverted-V Larry Nelson - K5IJB . This tower supports ropes for 80-meter antennas, and very long ropes that support four 1/4 wave tall vertical elements for a 160-meter four square. Since I grew weary of physically opening up my 160 m InvV wire about half way down the length on. The transmitter-end SWR would be the same, but impedance is inverted (1/4 wl away) to 56. The larger the wire, the wider the bandwidth. You might want to hang the center at the apex in that case, unless it’s already so high that 9 feet doesn’t matter much. Jul 19, 2015 · 160M inverted V. Two-Bands Half Sloper for 80m - 40m 42 67. for a Dipole or Inverted Vee Antenna. HF 8 band Fan dipole multiband antenna 160-6 meters with Balun Product Description The 5 element fan dipole works very well at covering all the bands 160-6 meters. www. In an instant, that all changed. For dipoles these work great for the center support pulley either on a pipe or mast or the side of your tower. The measurements below are for building a Double Extended Zepp Near Vertical Incident Skywave (NVIS) Antenna. AEcreative 10-160 Meter Amateur ham HF Band Radio Wire Loop Antenna Balun Unun DIY kit T200-2 Type 2 Iron Powder ferrite toroid core 16AWG 1. Continuous Loaded. I built the antenna using two 10m fishing poles spaced 5m apart. b. Assembled and HF Antennas for Small Gardens Generally also need to be unobtrusive – but not necessarily 'stealth' Most good solutions are wire types Most good solutions involve some compromise* Beams don't usually feature! Usually need to be multi-band *not just technically but also with the xyl! ZS6BKW - Horizontal or inverted V layout So, it’s a cousin to the G5RV (which only resonates on 14 & 24 MHz), but better as it needs no ATU on 40, 20, 17, 12, 10 and 6 meters. Not only can this type of dipole be used horizontally, you can also use it in an inverted-v or sloper formation – perhaps as an 80m/160m version? The overall length of my 40m version is 12m / 40ft for the 40m band. I also had the club Dipole Antenna Calculator. The elevation is at 7300 feet in open, lightly treed country. com The antenna will be used in the Inverted-V configuration. Roof is 12' tall. WA1GWH - Going was a bit tough on 160M, but my antenna minimal. 8 MHz (160m), you could short out the  extremely short antennas seem to work even on 160m! I was able to contact 22 driving my inverted vee against my shunt-fed tower. “Dear DX community, the Coburg DX Group (CODXG) is proud to announce another DXpedition: From May 28th until June 4th 2016, a team of nine operators f So, an 80/160m trapped dipole will be an 80m dipole, with traps at the end of that, with additional wire to resonate it at 160m. Lengthening the radiator will lower the resonant frequency, of course, but sharpening the apex angle will lower both the resonant frequency and the radiation resistance. That power is converted to heat. Constructing a dipole for 160 meters with a length of approximately 254 feet and a height of 50 feet or higher will produce a low angle of radiation. 8MHz) therefore also resonant on the second harmonic of 3. Feb 13, 2017 · 1000ft of 14ga AWG wire (7-strand) and some rope make one of the best performing antennas I've played with. wire, stainless steel hardware and uses the Model DELTA-C static protected center insulator and CIN end insulators. Since a vertical (Inverted L) is really a end-fed antenna it requires some form of path for the return current which typically is either an elevated or buried radial system. THE OCF FD4 (FD3) WINDOM ANTENNA 19 may 2011. SHARES. Unfortunatley it's not possible with the available land to have it in a stand-alone location so it was built around the 160m vertical out of physical necessity. It may sound and look like a G5RV but it is a substantially different antenna on 20 meters. Because of the short length of the antenna on 160 m and 80 m, I usually need a power of 5 Watts to be heard. Thanks for the contacts! 72, Garry Details about Stainless Terminated Folded Dipole T2FD 10M~160M 122' Stainless Terminated Folded Dipole T2FD 10M~160M 122' inverted V or sloper. So, What of it? The system now up is the same/original inverted-l vertical section with the K2AV folded counterpoise and isolation transformer in place of the prior elevated radial jumble. How to build an Inverted L for the low-bands (40m, 80m and 160m) An inverted L is just like a vertical apart from the fact that instead of going straight up (like a tuned quarter-wave), it turns 90 degrees somewhere. So far received 7 votes for a total score of 6. It is not a G5RV because thats a special case with a given length of radiator and feeder. 59 feet 131. 160m a top loaded vertical vs inverted V on a top of a hill 02-26-2018, 05:38 AM. However, though I live in the country, I rent so it gets "tricky" trying to erect two 45'-50' poles to support the butterfly version, possibly the inverted-V. Is it possable to place an inverted V antenna in a horizontal configuration with the center feedpoint closest to the house? I have searched the net but could find no references to this Apr 13, 2020 · The MFJ 1779A 160M Dipole Antennas may be used as horizontal dipoles, inverted "V"s, or sloping dipoles. 78 - Fan Dipole Antenna for 80m to 6m. The basic formula for determining the length of a center fed, half-wave wire Dipole or Inverted Vee antenna is: 468 ÷ freq (mHz) = Length (feet) . This is a receiving antennas for the low bands (160m, 80m and 40m). 160m Inverted-L. AA2VG 19 18 37 13 481 x2 962 Invert L with 4 radials, 3 are 160 VEE@30' AA4GA 18 16 34 11 374 x2 748 160m inverted-L  Dipole @ 100′ 160m – Off-Center-Fed Dipole @ 100′ Wave Full Size Vertical 160m – Inverted L Inverted Vee @ 75′. Six weeks later and I can’t remember why on earth I replaced a working antenna. It looks like an upside-down (Inverted) letter «V». I'm running RG-213 to the box which will contain a commercial multi-tap UNUN (I'm using this as I have one on hand but not a suitable air variable cap. THE WALL OF SHAME. N0GW - Gary Wescom - 1 Nov 2006. inverted L on both 80 and 160 (w/tuner) – 90-100 ft is 3/8λon 80M, 3/16 λon 160M – 160-170 ft is 5/8 on 80M, 5/16 on 160M Radial Systems • Provide a return for the fields and currents produced by an end-fed antenna • The earth is lossy, burns transmitter power • Use enough radials so that fields and current are in copper, not earth The ZS6BKW antenna is an optimized variant of the venerable old G5RV. 160M – 20kHz • 80M – 40 kHz • 40M – 300 kHz. Arranged as an inverted V with apex at only 20 ft. 161 - Simple Killer Antenna for 40m. It now has stacked Yagi's pointed towards Europe for 10-meters. Low Band DX Antennas •On 80 and 160M, it gets much tougher, but the Inverted L is a very good antenna and can even be used on 160 –30M with a tuner •Its easy to use a 43’ vertical and use a couple wires to make it resonate on 80M •160M is the biggest challenge –on a small lot, its hardly ever “easy” The NEC file of the Terminated Inverted U antenna can be downloaded here. 200 10. This configuration is more suitable for working close in stations. For example the 20m Inverted V will work on 20, 15, and 10m because those frequencies all ‘fit’ on the antenna at even multiples. The other side of the dipole is a quarter wave "floating" counterpoise for the inverted "L" vertical portion. 5 m long and 22 m long were found to be ineffective on 160m. A dipole can also be strung up in an «Inverted Vee» configuration. It is a full size antenna on 40 meters and a shortened 80 meter antenna. 5:1 across the 75, 40 and 20 meter bands. I was asked to consider a 160 meter inverted V antenna. The stress on the wires is higher than usual due to wind or ice loading; The connection from balun to shack is through 50-Ω coaxial cable. Inverted 'V' Antenna dimensions 120° = 50ΩZ for direct coax feed Electrical 160m 75m 40m 30m 20m 17m 15m 12m 10m 10m FM 2m Freq. An Inverter U for the top band Do you find it hard to get on top band because of the antenna? This is a simple wire antenna that may be just what you need. 75 MHz and 7. As usual, the big pole has a sun-heated curve to it. 160 Meter Wire Antenna Sizes. 30 Apr 2017 I have never operated on the top band and now have started exploring the antenna options I have. The first online Dipole and Inverted V calculator on the page below has been  3 Oct 1996 Price, I have to disagree with your "theory" based on my practical experience with inverted Vs on 160 used over the past 11 years. Nov 12, 2016 · 160m and 60m Inverted L project. The balun hangs lower than desired. Although a compact transmitting loop for 160m would be difficult to construct in such a way that it would also be efficient, a small transmitting loop for 160m turns out to be fairly straightforward. This seems to work fine but ground radials *are* important. It lies on the ground and is insulated from it (#14 insulated multi strand wire). My Beverage and vertical receiving antennas are out in the pastures, spread over a 1500- by 3000-foot area. My DRAM will refresh itself as I type this. In other words, you can only safely operate about 20KHz   On 160 m an extension coil is used with the tuner. 54 one side. Various installations such as horizontal, vertical, as inverted V, as inverted L, zigzag etc. Oct 22, 2011 · What is the best way to hang an off-center-fed dipole or windom antenna as an inverted-V? Should you hang the feedpoint at the apex, or hang the center of the antenna at the apex? From an electrical standpoint the best way is to hang the center at the apex. A Loop Skywire is 492 feet around, with supports that's about 1/10 of a mile! Now, the good news, you can fit a full sized 160 meter antenna in a puny 100 by 60 foot lot, without loading coils, exotic matching systems, Some feel that the inverted- V configuration is better for DXing than a horizontal dipole at the same height. In fact, if you intend to install an inverted V, the antenna calculator above will give you a wire length which will be 5% longer than that of a dipole at the same desired frequency of operation. Use coax or open wire line and configure as a dipole or inverted-V. This will give you some leeway to trim the wire ends back if the inverted V resonates too low for your purpose when installed in its final position. Mast heights and spacing can be easily adjusted in the model. 09 feet 125. Clothesline Antenna 45 155 - Re-Configurable Antenna for 160m and 80m. ZL-Special Beam Antenna for 15m 41 65. This means the center of the dipole is mounted on a mast or tower several feet up, and each side of the antenna from the center are angled downward on a 45 degree angle (Give or take a few degrees). – Inverted V –Sloper –Zig Zag •Get it up as high as possible –Keep it in the clear (avoid building soffits, gutters) –Run “Make up section” vertical as best U can •Don’t expect same ease of matching, DX performance, etc. I have a 50 x 150 lot, and there is only one tree. Dec 05, 2017 · Installing a G5RV Inverted V Antenna for HF use on a Fishing Pole. 73 de W5SWL. 160M Inverted L . 80m extension (9. 3 18. Working SubscribeSubscribed  24 Jun 2012 A coil-loaded 40/80/160 meter inverted V dipole antenna. I often wonder why anyone would buy such an antenna. Good grounding was a constant problem, so an Inverted-V using both coils was eventually constructed. verted V antennas are a little easier to tune. 8 11. Tons of us can't because we don't have 100' supports and tons of real estate. 3 37. A double bazooka beats a dipole in bandwidth and performance any day. Super-Sloper Antenna 44 69. 250 18. Rising up from ground level to 50 feet as a free standing aluminum tube vertical, at this point I attach a #12 wire that slopes upwards at a 45 degree angle to my 150 foot tower. A reasonably high dipole (or inverted V) hanging North-South to cover East and  Because the 160m Inverted-L will have an impedance less than 50 ohms a If the V waveform is of a greater amplitude then the I waveform (regardless of  With 256 feet of wire, a Flat-top or Inverted-V are about the only support options available. I prefer a 160-meter inverted V to a horizontal dipole at heights less than 100 feet. Aug 19, 2014 · The (Re)New(ed) 80/160 antenna. For instance, with an inverted V on a single mast, it is both practical and useful (top loaded vertical, etc) to run straight down the (non-conductive fiberglass) mast, yet this places the ladder line directly under the high current point of the antenna, albeit with a small profile, as well as closer to the antenna’s elements (being in the My Top Five Backyard Multi-Band Wire HF Antennas L. 160 - Marconi Antenna for 136 kHz. 158 - Tree-Mounted HF Antenna. 2 8. The 4-band Fritzel model FD4 is a special version of a Windom antenna. 85 MHz is approximately 253 feet (each side would be about 127 feet). 159 - Multiband Vertical Antenna for 80m, 40m, 20m. Still, I guess the inverted-V version could be "guyed" using the antenna itself. With 256 feet of wire, a Flat-top or Inverted-V are about the only support options available. Ends are low tied to temporary anchors will work to get the them higher. 900 3. 600 146. 1946) was designed by Louis Varney (G5RV, SK). On 160M our antenna is a quarterwave fed against poor earth, which in turn raises the feedpoint impedance somewhat. Each of the radials are 37. 2mm insulated wire run up one pole, across to the other then down the other. So, now I have capabilities on 160m, 80m, 40m, 30m, 20m, 17m, and 15m from my small lot here in DC suburbia. 65 - Inverted-V Beam Antenna for 30m · 66 - ZL-Special Beam Antenna for 15m · 67 - Half-Sloper Antenna for 160m · 68 - Two-Bands Half Sloper for 80m - 40m. 100 14. 65 – Inverted-V Beam Antenna for 30m. 76 - Half Rhombic Unidirectional Vertical for 20m to 6m. In the article below, I’d like to describe the theory and the mechanical build process for a 160m-long multiband loop antenna, including its support system, tuning, and SWR analysis. The system has 64 buried radials, and fortunately we have excellent ground here. Linear Loaded Sloper Antenna for 160m 43 68. Then feed it with RG213 all the way to the rig. 5 - 1 for the 160m band. It travels to earth through the tower base directly or via capacitive coupling from coax shields and insulated cabling between the tower and shack. Simple Ham Radio Antennas A Hawaii-based Amateur Radio Antenna Blog focusing on the theory, design Jul 28, 2017 · The Fan dipole for 40/20/6m performs well. 3mm Enameled Magnet Winding Wire. 160m/80m Broadband Antenna by K5GP A presentation to CTDXCC September 22, 2008 The 160m/80m broadband antenna design objectives were to have: 160 and 80 m antennas since I had no antennas for these bands, the antennas had to be hidden because of covenant restrictions, open wire feeders would be too visible to be allowed, The 80 meter inverted vee is a common and classic antenna. There's a great group of hams populating that spectrum. 11. 160m a top loaded vertical vs inverted V on a top of a hill 02-26-2018, 05:38 AM What is better to put on 160m on the mountain 200 m (within a radius of 2 km - the sea): the vertical 21m (Top loaded 4 x 8m and 4 raised radials) or hang this mast IV? Picture of W4KAZ 160m matching network and transformer junction box in use with 155 foot long inverted L and K2AV FCP The Present…. For more information, see the Vertical monopole with Continuous Loaded coil antenna section. Posted date: February 17, 2015 in: AntennaNo Comments. This time, two linear loading stubs are needed on each side, to get down to 1840 kHz. The BU-55 balun is specified from 3MHz to 75MHz. The inverted Vee antenna will be shorter by 2 - 5% depending on the angle from horizontal. Read, research, test and experiment. This time a 160m inverted V, did not want to miss out on the 2015/2016 winter season so a BALUN and 260ft of #14 copperweld later a pretty good result. The G5RV antenna (c. The 160m improvement was shocking. 8 - 50MHz) Waterproof DIY inverted V antenna  20 Jan 2018 The Inverted-L antenna is a common antenna for the 160 meter and 80 If we extend the wire another 10 feet horizontally (50'v/160'h) then  After having learnt which are the effects of the Earth's magnetic field on 160 m. Inverted-V Beam Antenna for 30m 40 64. This is usually done in the form of an inverted L due to the length (unless you have tall wide spaced trees). That is where the current is at a maximum on the lowest resonant frequency. The basic model showed  25 Jan 2017 86' V; 68' H. Juli 2016 On July 7, 2016, we extended the previously existing Dual-Band Fan-Dipole in Inverted-V configuration for 80m/40m to the "top band" (160m). 975 to adjust for the effect of antenna wire diameter on length which is applied to the free-space half-wavelength equation. 5 63. Instead, you should put it up because you can. Introduction Echolink is a VOIP (Voice Over IP) application that allows amateurs to connect to one another using the internet. The feed impedance of a dipole at low height will be affected; a matching  Three HF bands in one space saving compact inverted V antenna design means that you no longer need five acres of land to put up a 160 meter antenna. 74 feet 260. The current Inverted V with its high angle of radiation works very well within the Midwest and serves me well for evening rag chew sessions with the surrounding states. The springs running to the left and right in the picture apply tension to the insulators that are attached to the North and South legs of the dipole antenna. For many years, I used a simple wire inverted L and a tuner to get on Top Band, just like many others before me. So it will be a Inverted V Fan antenna. Antenna Configuration. 800 7. Cebik, W4RNL 1434 High Mesa Drive Knoxville, TN 37938-4443 e-mail: cebik@cebik. It is (roughly) deployed in the opposite direction from the inverted "L". 43 feet 327. Not responsible for errors including typographic errors. 9 25. The center frequency is adjusted Figure 5——The feed can be closer to the ground with this arrangement I constructing a box to hold the matching "network" for a new 160M Inverted L. 3′ at the center of the antenna. 5db below the "saggy" dipole above!) Random length wire "Dual Ham-stick" dipole Antenna below 4 feet high Each of the antenna configurations above (with the possible exception of the last) WILL be enhanced with a good ground wire below them. Due to the fact that one wire leg of the antenna is shorter than the other, the OCF is more convenient to erect than a regular center fed dipole. *This is perfect antenna for DX-ers . For those who must support an inverted L bend from a tower: The vertical wire will induce large RF currents in the tower and its cabling. 81 - Inverted-L for 160m. The 40/80/160 Meter Coil-loaded Inverted V Dipole Antenna. The idea is that I combine a sloper dipole with an Inverted Vee dipole so that the corners of my deck act as the attachment points while the feed point is attached to the balcony above it. 21 Nov 2019 With a newly installed mast positioned to achieve an Inverted 'V' of very narrow band width of 6kHz below a SWR of 1. A 1:1 current balun was in place at the base of the ladderline, and the coax section comprised approximately 18ft of RG213. 7 29. A 160M vertical is huge, 123 feet tall. slopping the legs down at 45º, creating the familiar 75m inverted-V antenna as seen in Figure 17. Enter the Frequency in MHz. 2 "A" 59. The UNUN has SO-239 connectors. The main category is Antenna for 160 meters band that is about 160 meters band antenna. These antennas can be set up as a straight suspended wire or erected in inverted V format. 77 - Capacitance Loaded Vertical Antenna for 160m. 0 3. I remember that I sometimes can copy EU station on the RoomCap that disappear on the Inverted V dipole. The series inductor is tapped for resonance at 1. There are many more that we won’t delve into at this time - Inverted-Ls, short verticals, various types of loops, and numerous other loading schemes for shortened dipoles. 157 - Reduced Size Half Sloper Antenna for 160m. Once again it is winter and I am putting up antennas. The reason was simple – you only need one support to hold it up, not two. 9 119. Loaded Quarter Wave Antenna Inductance Calculator Here is a formula and calculator for creating a loaded (shortened) quarter wave vertical or balanced dipole. 160M Is a Tough Band • Propagation quite variable, signals often not very strong, heavy QRN during the summer –Mostly a nightime band, varies a lot through the night –During the winter, 800 miles or more is possible 2 hours before sunset, 2 hours after sunrise In fact, the urbanite may have difficulty accommodating a 160-meter inverted V. 500 29. 4-Band OCF is 68 feet long, 7-Band is 135 feet long, and 8-band is 270 feet long. A properly constructed FCP can also serve this purpose within a total length of only 66 feet. Oct 22, 2011 · A 160m version (I know of one fellow who plans to build one!) would give up almost 9 feet, though. Initially I had looked at the inverted-V type of 4-square which was favorably mentioned in the ON4UN. Half wave dipole - inverted V configuration (approximately -4. 7 metre) linked to the end of the 40m 1/2 wave dipole. 80 - Inverted Delta Loop Antenna for 160m. 66 – ZL-Special Beam Antenna for 15m 75 – 160m Inverted Delta Loop. 6 4. " Vertical antennas for top band are popular and practical. 72 one side. To 80m, the traps look like high impedances, effectively disconnecting the extra wire for 160m. 5′. Simply connect your coax, put it up as high as possible in an inverted V, horizontal fashion and let them tell how strong your signal is today. 5 meters long and laid down in a pattern that will be fairly easy to fit in the woods behind my house, without having to go into the lawn. It typically won't be as noisy a vertical. 2MHz. The sloper was an Alpha Delta Model DX-B quarter wave sloper (sloping to the north) and the inverted-V was a model DX-DD dipole (broadside north and south)---typical of a home based station. I had a 1:1 balun and a 1:4 balun in the parts box. 300 24. The principle is the same. Jul 28, 2017 · Centre mast 10 meter high. Keep in mind that a couple of the lengths must be adjusted in the field, especially L2, so cut the wire a couple of meters longer and fold it back on itself. With winter approaching it is time to make improvements to my antenna setup for 160m. If you like DX and CW, I'd cut it for 1. A Coaxial Trap Inverted Vee for 160/80. My feeling is that the coil losses and tricky matching problems with top loaded wire antennas make the inverted L the way to go for simplicity of construction and relative ease in matching 50ohms. Cobra UltraLite Antennas - The Alternative Multi-Band Solution The Alternative Multi-band Solution Granite State Antenna -- Northwood, NH -- 603-731-0710 -- k1jek@k1jek. 160m – Inverted Vee @ 75′. It is a resonant Half wave on 160m (1. 160m (1800-2000 kHz) Dipole, Inverted V and Delta Loop. If you feed this antenna directly with a coax (without a balun at the antenna feed point), you will definitely need to insert two common mode RF chokes in the transmission line. We all know the age old expression: "Ham radio is about experimentation!" Well, I have an idea, and probably a bad one. Since Inverted V is being used for low frequencies, it is reasonable to assume that the wire would be used as radials. 2 15. Quickly switch bands and eliminate a tuner as one more thing to adjust. 8k. 1. Place a 1:1 Balun on the Antenna end of the Feedline. It starts at the center of the yard between two large trees and drapes over one branch about 30 feet up then travels 80M inverted V, apex @30’ AGL. This current is driven into the earth causing significant losses. For anyone with a small plot for 160m or HF antennas I can't recommend it  worked JA with 100 watts using an inverted L only about 35 ft tall designed for 80M, adding just enough coil at the base that his K2 auto tuner could load it! (It helps  The 40/80/160 Meter Coil-loaded Inverted V Dipole Antenna See all details: Link. Recently I installed a receive four-square which will be used on 160m, 80m, and 160m inverted-L, both sides of the inverted Vee were receiving a very intense  7 Apr 2017 For simplicity, I set this antenna up as an inverted-v configuration. 160m is the physical size of an efficient transmitting antenna. com 2004 marks my fifth full decade as a licensed radio amateur. Construction details and measurements are for Registered Users only. 82 - 300ohm-Ribbon Dual Band Dipole. That™s quite a bit of a horizontal span for those on small lots. On the low bands, the CAROLINA WINDOM 160's rivals are few,  23 Oct 2004 During a time when I had problems with my 40m inverted-V, I tried this antenna on 15 and 20m and found it can work pretty well on HF too. From W5SWL. We must therefore have a mast to which two insulators are attached. Loading Unsubscribe from TimTools99? Cancel Unsubscribe. One of the first and probably the only ham radio related job I did this summer was to refurbish the 80/160 dual band ground plane antenna. The length of a half wavelength dipole at 1. 9 31. For an inverted V with a 900 included angle (legs that slope downward at 45 0), you'll need a minimum apex height of about 55 feet and a baseline length of 88 feet. k6mm. I've admired a very similar design that I stumbled over a few years ago, called a "wonderbar". There are a lot of 160 designs out there on the internet with quite a few adding coils etc to match shorten verticals, or top loading with various configurations. This formula takes into consideration the capacitive "end-effect" from insulators which shortens the physical length requirement for the equivalent electrical length. I currently have about 15 of them, each quarter wavelength long and about 5 shorter ones. 156 - Very Low Frequency Inverted-L Antenna. Antennas for 160 meters on a standard half acre (~100 x 200 ft) suburban house lot pose quite a problem. You can always figure out a way to support the feedpoint in some way if you need to. Only 2 left in stock - order soon. What is the difference between a compact loop and a small one? A compact loop is what we are used to seeing with the typical HF "magloop I have very little space to lay radials on our city sized lot. The measurements below are for building a simple Dipole Antenna. Each one handles a full 1,500 Watts. The 80m dipole wire will carry the whole construction. Nov 11, 2008 · The rhombic is also a simple antenna, requiring only four supports (three supports for the V beam, and one support for inverted V derivatives). This works very well with #18 to #12 wire sizes. Halfwave Reflector is: 267. In the evening when most of us have time to relax and enjoy a little time on the radio, the higher frequency bands are either dead or very crowded. 3 5. It's difficult to get a decent HF antenna in the air. The ZS6BKW (early 1980's) was derived from the G5RV by Brian Austin (G0GSF, formerly ZS6BKW). Built with insulated 12ga. Someone else who built one and found it works gave it the name "non-resonant twin wire". 1 44. 3 4. Cushcraft A3S Tribander and other antennas can be BBTD Inverted-V Configuration The image below shows a side perspective view of a BBTD antenna in the inverted V configuration with a single flagpole type support. Halfwave Folded Dipole is: 251. … Finally, this table compares VSWR measurements made on a real G5RV with EZNEC predictions. 79 - Wire Ground Plane Antenna. FD4 (80/40/20/10 m). 160m/80m Broadband Antenna by K5GP A presentation to CTDXCC September 22, 2008 The 160m/80m broadband antenna design objectives were to have: 160 and 80 m antennas since I had no antennas for these bands, the antennas had to be hidden because of covenant restrictions, open wire feeders would be too visible to be allowed, The performance is still good, so ideal if you have a small garden or want to try experimenting with bits of wire. 160M Folded Counterpoise After I had established my antennas for many of the HF bands; dipole for 80-40M and Hex beam for 20-10M, I turned my attention to 160 meters. This is made rfom 127ft of vertical wire, 6 127ft radials, and a pile of random wire The basic formula for determining the wire length of a center fed, 1/2 wave wire dipole or inverted Vee antenna is: 143 ÷ freq(mhz) = Length(metres). I want to add dipoles for 80m, 15m and 10m. 500 ½λ 238. The palm tree will eventually grow 70-90 feet tall, but this will take years. The balun is offset 3 feet from my tower at the 36 foot level. I made an inverted L for 80 meters. For more information, see the Dipole section. 135 21. 06; N1MM Contest Log; HamRadio Deluxe; MMTTY; Rig The two above pictures show the radiation pattern of the Inverted Delta Loop fed at the bottom of the antenna. 162 - Stub-Directed V Antenna for 80m I screwed a length of thin wall electrical metallic tubing (EMT) to the tree trunk and attached four heavy "screen door" springs to the EMT. Half-Sloper Antenna for 160m 41 66. Due to the distance from the mast to the end supports, this antenna is more of a flat top than an inverted V. The bottom line is not to feel left out on the 160 meter fun this winter. A small ingenuity solves two connundrums at once – … Today I built and put up a OCF inverted-v dipole using with a 133 foot total length of #14 insulated THNN with the short leg cut to 44 feet. 91 feet 124. 160m inverted v

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